Get Fit This Summer With These Excellent Water Activities

get fit this summer

If you love spending time in your pool or on the beach, water activities are perfect for you. They are a fantastic way of getting fit by burning excess calories, strengthening muscles and improving posture. The water gives you a low impact workout, which gives you enhanced movement and flexibility. This can help you reach fitness goals, lose weight or recover after an injury. Water-based activities are also suitable for all ages, no matter what their current fitness levels are. This encourages you and your family to get fit together while having plenty of fun. Here are some excellent examples of water activities you can try today.

get fit this summer


Paddleboarding has become increasingly popular in recent years as people realize how beneficial it can be to their health. It provides a workout to your entire body but with minimum impact. Your balance and posture will improve through standing up on the board. The resistance of the paddle can also build muscle strength in your back, arms and legs. This can also burn calories and improve the condition of your joints and bones. Paddleboarding can be done in the ocean, lakes, and pools making it extremely accessible. So join a paddleboarding class to get to grips with the basics. Paddle board cost less, hence it’s a really easy activity to get started with this summer.

Aqua Aerobics

Another fantastic water activity you and your family can try is aqua aerobics. This water activity used a range of varying movements that stretch and tone your body to enhance your mobility and flexibility. These movements use the resistance created by the water in a pool and come in a variety of different formats. These include Zumba, yoga and tai chi. An hour of aqua aerobics is thought to burn up to 500 calories, which is ideal if you’re trying to slim down your waistline. This activity also increases cardiovascular and respiratory activity. While enhancing the strength in your bones and muscles. You can attend classes at gyms, or you can follow Youtube tutorials to use in the comfort of your own pool.

Water Activities


Surfing is a water activity that is adored by people around the world. If you’re a thrill-seeker, there is no better option. You’ll feel a great sense of achievement when you catch your first wave, and you’ll be surprised just how fast you can travel. As well as encouraging you to spend more time outside and in the ocean, surfing has multiple health benefits. When you paddle, this increases your cardiovascular activity which is good for a strong and healthy heart. You’ll also strengthen your core, legs, back, and arms from standing up and swimming. This will improve your fitness levels and increase your stamina. So grab your wet suits and your board and join a surfing class today.

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So use your local leisure center, head to the beach or use your own pool to try these activities for yourself. They will be so enjoyable it won’t feel like you are exercising at all. Just make sure you never leave children unattended in the pool and always follow open water safety instructions.



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