Get Your Period Back Naturally

Get Your Period Back Naturally

Did you lose your period and badly want it back? With so many stressors in modern life, your hormones might be all over the map and that may result in lost or irregular periods.

Use Supplements

Using supplements can be seen as nutritional therapy which will help your body catch up to speed.

  • Probiotics combat bad bacteria and increase the good ones. You can also choose to eat more foods that contain probiotics such as fermented yogurt, Kombucha, sauerkraut, and kefir.
  • Chasteberry – this natural herbal supplement promotes hormonal balance. It helps to correct menstrual irregularities and promote healthy menstrual cycles. It was even shown to reestablish menstruation in women, help achieve pregnancy and improve hormone levels.
  • Essential Fatty-Acids – hormones are produced when fats are being used for fuel.
  • Zinc – is one of the most common deficiencies in women with fertility issues and is also essential for all metabolic processes.
  • Magnesium – is known as a calming mineral and helps to activate enzymes that control absorption and digestion of carbs, fats, and proteins.

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Why Do You Lose Your Period?

Even though some women lose their periods due to ovarian cysts, the majority of women lose their periods due to stress. This includes different types of stress such as:

  • Not eating enough
  • Poor energy balance (restricting certain food groups)
  • Dietary stress (eating processed, poor quality, sugar-laden foods)
  • Saying YES to everyone all the time (people pleasing)
  • Not making time for yourself
  • Stuffing or bottling your stresses, problems, woes, and worries.
  • Toxic, chemical or environmental exposure
  • Emotional exhaustion
  • Depression or mood shifts
  • Increased mental stress, worry, and anxiety
  • Dependance on caffeine
  • Excessive drinking

Your body likes to be balanced and it will do what it can in order to fight for it. But if chronic stress persists, your balanced set point often gets altered. Your body will then try to preserve more important processes for survival and your physiological health and well-being will take a hit. A healthy body is necessary for a healthy menstrual cycle and it is, therefore important to make your health a priority.

How To Get It Back?

There are a number of factors that might play a role in helping you get your period back naturally:

  • Destress

Make a list of all the stressors in your life – vocational, relational, emotional, mental and physical. Be honest with yourself about which of them is holding you back or weighing you down. Next to each stressor write down one coping strategy or counter statement, for example: “I don’t like my job”, Coping strategy: “Start sending out CVs”. After doing this, you can also make a general stress management fun list:

  • Take a foam bath at the end of the day
  • Journal
  • Schedule me-time
  • Stretch
  • Pray
  • Declutter your car or house
  • Get some fresh air
  • Go on coffee dates with friends
  • Look at the clouds or stars
  • Cook or bake something for fun
  • Have a picnic

Get in touch with your thoughts and feelings and start to address and identify stress. You might even consider finding a mentor or working with a counselor to speak on a deeper level about things in your heart.

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  • Address Poor Digestion

If we are not digesting our food properly, we are also not absorbing the nutrients from our food as we should. This might cause our hormones to do all kinds of strange things as it gets thrown out of balance. You can do the following to improve your digestion:

  • Remove foods that are inflammatory such as caffeine, refined carbs, and sugar.
  • Replace what is missing in the digestive system – promote digestive enzymes and increase stomach acid.
  • Re-inoculate the gut with probiotics
  • Repair the gut with aloe and L-Glutamine in order to heal the lining of the gut.

Read more about how to improve your digestive system.

If you are not getting enough balance or nutrition from all the different food groups, then your body will eventually compensate. This might be because of an overly restrictive diet or because of certain food groups being left out. Make sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and lean meats.

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