How to Set Up a Chinchilla’s Cage

How to set up a chinchilla's cage

Pets are a person’s best friend. It is often considered that the animals are more loyal to humans than the human’s itself. Hence it is important to have a pet who would never betray us and be loyal till the death. There are many animals that most of the people wish to have with them. Different people have different choices and all have their own set of advantages.

The most common of the animals that most of the people prefer is that of a dog, cat, rabbit, etc. Out of these many options, a chinchilla is also a good option. They are cute and is a really interesting animal to have in the house.

Having a pet isn’t enough. With that, you need to have to maintain a long list of the thing that would make the pet feel at home. The most basic necessity is a cage. Apart from this, there are certain things that need to be maintained and set up. If you are planning to have a chinchilla, then you have their home setup. Here are the things that you need to check and get done.

Spacious cage

One best thing about the chinchilla is that they are very active and social. They love to run around and enjoy their life. You don’t want to take away their personal space form them. Since the chinchilla is supposed to be living in a cage hence it is essentially important that you look into a spacious place for him. Often a cage size of 16x18x16 is considered to be perfect space.

There are many cages that are available in the market some of which are single floored while some are the double floor. The double floored cages provide the chinchilla a lot more space to have their time. The chinchilla is sensitive to temperature. They have to cool always to make sure that they don’t die of a heart attack. Hence never place the cage homing the chinchilla below the sunlight to have them get heated up.

Avoid the chinchilla cages form the high humid areas. In addition to that, the chinchilla is more likely to be kept in the light because they are active during the evening for the exercise.


How to set up a chinchilla’s cage?

After the long run in the best, the chinchilla needs to take rest and that is where the bedding comes into play. It is important that provide the people with a good set of bed so that they don’t feel unrelaxed while they close their eyes.

Pelleted paper bedding is a good best for them. They help to absorb the liquid and provides a good odor. Don’t use any bedding that would hurt them while in their sleep. You can provide the feed with leaves as a natural source of resting.

Food bowl

You need to place a food bowl to contain the food for your pet chinchilla. Choose a food bowl that would prevent the chinchilla to spill the water or food. The fool bowl also is such that it prevented contamination of the food so that your chinchilla is safe.

The hay racks can also be used be used because that keeps the hay dry and clean.

Exercise wheel

As told earlier the chinchilla loves to have fun and they keep on running all around the cage. However, no matter how big the cage that you provide the chinchilla, space would always be small for their run. Hence you need to think of a better way to have them entertained.

The exercise well is one of such a kind. This would help them to exercise as much as they can and the space of the cage won’t be much of an issue. However, the wheel should be a solid surface so that they won’t be affecting their feet. However, the chinchilla would be using the exercise wheel anytime around the day so you should look for the wheel that makes lesser noise. This would disturb you.

Toys and accessories

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Since the chinchilla are supposed to be in the cage all the time hence it would be a good idea to provide them with the necessary toys that they can play with. There are many toys that are available in the market for pets. The most interesting thing about these toys is that they are chew proof and hence your pet is completely safe.

It is said that the toys that are often made with the untreated wood are the best suited for the toys. They begin the habitat thus have the tendency to be more comfortable with it.

Add some furnishing

How to set up a chinchilla's cage

You can have some shelter provided to the chinchilla so that they can hide from the people that they don’t like or to have their own personal space. This could be done in the cage itself. This would reduce the stress if they are not habituated to the human environment. When they initially arrive then they would surely be sacred and the hiding place could be like a rescuing thing.

You can add ledges and rock that be placed in such a way which would provide the desired hidingplace. They can additionally be used by them to exercise. During the furnishing you should avoid the wired floor furnishing at that may hurt them and at the same time may have their feet get stuck up.


One last thing that you have to keep in mind is the cleanliness because the chinchilla is a very clean animal and they require to be kept clean. That is the most important responsibility that you hold. They seriously hate dirty cages and bed and hence you need to have that cleaned regularly.

Moreover, the hygiene of the cage would also help with the longevity of the chinchilla. An unhygienic cage is subject to illness and no one wants to have that in their house. Clean all the food bowls and water bottle on a regular interval. In addition to that before you put the things back to the cage clarify that they are dry.

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