Goldfish and Rabbits and Turtles, Oh My! 7 of the Best Pets for Kids

Goldfish and Rabbits and Turtles, Oh My! 7 of the Best Pets for Kids

Are you worried your kid spends too much time alone? Do they need to start learning how to handle basic responsibilities?

Why not get them a pet?

Pets help children learn about life and grow well. It teaches children good habits as well as the tenets of kindness and compassion.

It’s not all hearsay either. This study records how pets have a positive impact on both child and adolescent development.

In case you wondering about which animals to start with, here’s our list of the best pets for kids:

1. Fish

Fish are good beginner pets, especially for a young child. Caring for fish requires minimal maintenance. Fishes do need a periodic cleanup but it’s still a relaxing pet to care for.

Before getting one, make sure that you have read up about the specific type of fish. Take note on which environments they would fit in. Some live in saltwater, some in fresh, and others don’t do well with others.

However, keep in mind not all fish are suitable pets. Pick the type of fish that would be easy to raise and care for by both you and the child.

There is a variety of fish that would fit for kids, read up and find the right one for you and your kids.

2. Cats and Kittens

Another good staple option for the best pets for kids is a kitten. As one of the childhood favorites, kittens have an appeal in cuteness as seen online and in person.

For one thing,  cats can adapt to the area with ease to any living space. This is great for families with small apartments.

Cats can also operate with independence, giving an easier time with caring for the pet. This independence becomes an asset but is also not a crutch to neglect the pet. Cats also need proper veterinary care, such as regular checkups and immunizations.

In choosing the right cat for your home, it’s important to pick one that is well behaved. Check with the animal shelter staff to check on their temperament before picking one up. A young cat with the right temperament can prove as a wonderful companion for your child.

3. Shelter Dogs

A very common but highly recommended option is a dog. There are various breeds available so take a moment to check which one is kid-friendly and sociable.

Dogs need more attention than cats so make sure the one you pick gets the time and dedication to receive proper care.

Through this, caring and raising the puppy may come as a family effort. You can use this as an opportunity to teach your children good habits and the importance of working together. The most noticeable lesson here is responsibility.

Make sure the puppy is housebroken. Also, ensure that it gets regular exercise and regular veterinary checkups and immunizations. Don’t forget to show shower it with love and take it out for walks.

Speaking of breeds, here are some of the types that you should look into when choosing for a puppy to take home:

  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Beagles
  • Boxers

Whichever puppy breed you pick, remember to care for them with love and dedication. You take care of the dog, it takes care of you.

4. Rabbits

If you are looking for something cute and cuddly, a rabbit might also be up your alley. Compared to other pets, rabbits need an indoor setup. When socialized, rabbits can prove to be quite affectionate and intelligent.

In caring for rabbits, younger kids will need adult supervision. You can have them litter-box trained and have them play and respond to you. You will need to get the rabbits spayed or neutered to prevent aggression and uterine cancer for females.

A proper diet is also key to caring for these creatures. Have rabbit pellets, vegetables, and alfalfa hay for rabbits ready.

5. Hamsters

For smaller pets, one option you can go for would be hamsters. This classic pet holds ease in maintenance and care. However, do note that smaller breeds can be aggressive and nippy.

In choosing for a hamster, go for larger breed instead. Hamsters thrive well as solitary pets, as long as you use a roomy cage with tunnels for sleeping.

Among rodents, hamsters are easy to take care of. It may need some help with the cleaning and in ensuring safety due to hamsters being nippy when they feel threatened. Otherwise, this pet would be a perfect option to check out.

Also, due to its life span, this might be the first time your child would encounter death for the first time. This experience may bring varying outcomes. But it could help you teach your children life lessons about the cycle of life and its brevity.

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6. Birds

There are varying approaches when it comes to birds. You can have one placed in a cage or you can create a setup that attracts local birds that you and your children can watch.

In owning a bird, it may be a bit more demanding than expected. Some birds veer towards being sociable while other birds are intelligent and prefer to keep some distance. Whichever they may be, they need close-to-daily attention.

If you plan to raise birds in your home, a good starter pet would be a parakeet. The cockatiel would also do well for its intelligence but may need more attention in comparison to a canary or a parakeet.

You can also go for a birdwatcher setup instead. Start by setting up bird feeders and supply the proper food to attract local songbirds. You can get creative and make your own DIY feeders at home, or you can buy ready-made options like the best hummingbird feeders shown here to draw in your friendly neighborhood birdies. You can use this opportunity to teach children about local wildlife.

Also, with the birdwatcher setup, you can teach kids about birds without going up close. Have binoculars ready while doing this.

7. Guinea Pigs

While akin to the hamster due to being part of the same rodent family, the guinea pig has a gentler and sweeter disposition. They are less likely to bite and are sociable, making them easier to handle.

This makes it a great option for kids, especially those who are still learning how to take care of a pet. Though, unlike the hamster that would need isolation, a guinea pig might do well with a companion.

They may have a bigger appetite compared to the hamster due to the size. With this said, regular cage cleaning is a must.

With that aside, you have a cuddly pet to spend time with.

Get the Best Pets for Kids Today!

By getting pets, not only are you getting a new addition to your family. You are also teaching your children about life, responsibility, and lessons that they can bring to them as they grow.

Consider bringing home one of the best pets for kids today.

Did you find this useful? We have a variety of articles covering a wide range of topics in both lifestyle and other fields. Give this one a look to know more about how you can encourage quiet kids to get involved in more activities.

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