Has Your Business Tried These Public Relations Techniques?

Public Relations Techniques

What consumers think is a commodity highly sought after. Businesses big and small will happily pay through their nose, just to know exactly what their customers are thinking. However, sometimes you have to be crafty and simply give the customers something to think about. No matter what’s on their mind, as long as it’s positive and it’s about your business, you will be a very happy SME CEO. That’s why you need to invest heavily in your public relations department, so they can utilize the most modern techniques. The bottom line is, you’re trying to make your business look a certain way. You want a nice image to showcase to your customers and get them to talk and think about you in a way that you believe is strategically beneficial. Here are some techniques you should implement.

It’s not always about money


We live in a very interesting and sometimes tumultuous time, politically and culturally speaking. Customers are showing more than ever, that they will not tolerate companies that do not choose to see them as more than just walking dollar signs. You have to break the fourth wall and make a positive impact in local communities. The Food for People program from https://www.tprf.org/ is a great way to get out there and help feed the needy. Your brand name can be involved by might hold. The Food for People program seeks to give poor families and homeless people, a hot meal in the local cuisine. This may not seem like much to us, but to those that struggle to feed their children, one highly nutritious meal will stop them from starving.

A whole experience

How incredible would it be, invite one of your lucky customers to your office headquarters for a guided tour? One or a few lucky winners of a competition you created, would get to be flown down to your location, put up in a hotel and given a full tour of your business. Customers would get to see the complete process of your products and services being made. You should film this event and post it to your social media and YouTube accounts. The competition for entering the chance to win a tour should be sent via email marketing. Customers that have a history of using your products and services should be the priority customer type. The tour should include free food and drinks as well as an exclusive look at the new things you’re creating. 

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Putting you on the spot

Taking random questions from your social media followers and doing a video whereby you as the CEO, sit down and look straight at the camera while answering, is simple yet very watchable. CEOs that can take all kinds of questions and just give honest unadulterated answers are great for the question and answer videos. Putting yourself on the spot shows confidence in your brand as well.

Public relations is not something that should be treated as seasonal. You should be constantly investing in this section of your business to build relationships with your consumers. 


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