Exploring of the Most Historical Districts in Singapore

Historical Districts in Singapore

Urban developments and high-rise buildings have wholly buried the history and most historical features in Singapore. In recent years, many things have changed, thus making it hard to discover or explore historical sites. However, despite urbanization, some Singapore districts have historical features that you may feel are worth exploring. This article outlines the Singapore district with historical features you can explore.

1. Kampong Glam

Among Singapore’s historic districts, it’s the most colorful and artistic district. Initially, the Arabs dominated the area, thus building the most prominent in Singapore there. Currently, the district houses most legal Singapore Graffiti and the best cafes where you can get the best kebabs, sheesha, and a conducive environment for relaxing. The district provides the best environment for relaxing because of its slightly edgy nature and awesome graffiti.

Kampong Glam

2. Little India

If you are a big fan of most Indian food and ornaments, the Little India district is the best place for you. You’ll find Indian food in a relaxed, colorful, and clean environment. You can also get all you need for your shopping at the Mustafa center, a massive store in the district. More so, you can get many hawkers around the neighborhood with Indian ornaments. While in little India, you’ll get the feeling of the Indian Country despite not visiting the country.

3. Chinatown

Among the historical Singapore districts, Chinatown provides the best place where you can spend a few hours enjoying the exciting environment. You’ll find a lot of unique old shops in this place. Most individuals always travel to the town to enjoy eating some cheap souvenirs. Apart from the cheap souvenirs, you can also find affordable traditional Chinese medicines, tourists’ t-shirts, cheap plastic toys, and even magnets. Furthermore, in the district, you can get all the Chinese cartoons you need.


4. Katong/ Geylang

Most people usually view the district as the most local historic district in Singapore. The district attracts many tourists due to its colorful shophouse, a wide range of bars and restaurants. You can enjoy taking a walk at one of the best beaches in Singapore in the district. Adjacent to Katong is the Geylang, which is always shady; thus, you can enjoy your walk even when the sun is hotter. You’ll also find the best shophouses and eateries at Geylang. However, it’s one of the few tourist attraction districts in Singapore; therefore, the largest population consists of locals shopping and meals.

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5. The Civic District

The district has some lovely British colonial buildings that spread throughout the district. The district has Singapore’s most famous building, the Raffles hotel, which provides the best traditional services to its customers. The hotel has been existing in the district for over two centuries. In addition, the district has some additional features that attract people to the place, such as the National museum, supreme court building, the esplanade, and some memorial parks.

Final thoughts

If you’re a lover of historical features, Singapore’s urban centers aren’t the best place for you. Exploring the above Singapore districts will give you a glimpse of the historical perspective of the country and its people. You can spend some hours or days enjoying and learning more about Singapore’s historic districts.

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