Home Sanitization Guide: How to Free Your Home From Germs

Home Sanitization Guide: How to Free Your Home From Germs

Germs are everywhere in our home, and killing them with cleanliness is the way to a sanitary abode. Invisible bacteria lurk on surfaces in every room of the house, but they don’t stand a chance to the right cleaners and diligent cleaning.

Are you looking for ways to keep your home sanitized but don’t know the best ways to do it? This guide will give you some great tips on keeping germs out and home sanitization methods.

Stopping Germs at the Door

Want a germ-free home? The best way to keep the germs out is to never let them in in the first place.

This takes dedication and effort on everyone’s part but can easily be learned and become a habit. Be diligent about taking off your shoes, wiping down dirty items before bringing them inside, and sanitizing everything.

Make Yours a Shoes Free Home

The most common way we bring germs into our homes is on our shoes. The bottoms of our shoes have been all over, picking up everything from dirt to disease.

Don’t want to have to remove your shoes before coming in? Try shoe covers, antibacterial sprays, or a UV-C light to sanitize your shoes.

Your Pets

Pets bring so much joy and love to our homes, but they can also bring so much dirt and germs into the home. How do we bring our pets in but leave the germs out?

One way to do this would be to have your pet wear pet shoes when they go outside and remove them when they come into the house. This will take some getting used to, but it does work well.

We can also use pet-friendly wipes for their paws and fur when they have been outdoors. Keep a pet brush near the door to comb them, eliminate excess loose fur, and dislodging dirt from their coat.

Thorough Cleaning For Home Sanitization

Keeping the germs from entering your house is a noble idea, but as hard as you try, you will never have a 100% germ-free home. Regular cleaning with the right products and the right methods is the next step in the home sanitization, and take the time to clean a little bit each day so that germs do not build up.

Stock up On Sanitizing Products

The products that you use in your home should be purchased to minimize the risk of infections and kill germs and not just clean visible dirt. Read the labels before purchasing and get a variety of styles of household cleaner such as sprays, wipes, and soaps.

Making Your Own Sanitization Products

Store-bought sanitization products are more often than not chemical-based. Though they are proven to be effective against killing germs and bacteria, some people would prefer to use a more natural cleaner to protect the health of themselves, their family, their pets, and the environment.

Did you know that you can make your own cleaners at home quickly and easily? Adding certain high-quality essential oils such as lemongrass or peppermint to a base of water or white vinegar into a spray bottle can give you a powerful sanitizer to clean with, and it will smell great! 

Top to Bottom

When you clean, you will be pushing dirt, dust, and germs around. The unwanted debris will be collected onto the cleaning instrument (cloth or duster), and some will fall to the floor or surface below.

Left to Right

Cleaning isn’t just spinning around wildly with disinfectant and a towel. There has to be some order to it to know what has been cleaned and what still needs to be cleaned.

You may already have your own cleaning method, but going clockwise is a great way to do it if you don’t. Now there will be a method to the madness. 

Use a Fresh Towel to Clean

Switching out your towels for fresh, clean ones as you clean ensures that you are not spreading germs from place to place. When we use the same towel repeatedly, it defeats the purpose, and disinfectant cleaner will not override a dirty towel filled with germs.

Utilizing the Washing Machine

Washing items on a hot water cycle in the washing machine can kill bacteria and stop the spread of germs in your home.

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Washing your bedding once a week is suggested because we shed skin and lose hair when we sleep. The same goes for small throw pillows and blankets on your couch.

Hot water and washing alone will not kill bacteria. There are laundry detergents specially formulated to kill germs, and you can use add-ins like a few drops of bleach or essential oils like citrus or eucalyptus.

Washing the Rugs 

Even with enforcing a no-shoes policy in your home, the floors can be some of the dirtiest areas for obvious reasons. We track dirt all over our floors as well as stuff falling from areas above.

Smaller rugs can get thrown in the washing machine or taken outside to get sprayed with cleaner and hosed down. But, what about the large rugs that can not easily be carried outside?

Frequent vacuuming with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter can help pick up particles of dirt. For deeper cleanings, you can use a carpet cleaning machine that works with a liquid solution and washes the rugs, or you can contact Property Restoration Experts to handle the job for you.

Filtration Stations

Filtration systems can boost your efforts to keep a sanitary and clean home. You may already have a few filters in place, such as:

  • Water tanks
  • HVAC system
  • Vacuum
  • Air purifier

The important thing to remember is that you must properly care for these systems that have filters for them to work. Some filters only need to be cleaned, while others need to be replaced.

Set reminders for yourself on your calendar for each filter change or cleaning so that you do not forget. Neglecting proper filter care can damage the systems, in addition to them not being able to filter out invisible germs.

You Are the Sanitization Master

Stay calm, and kill germs. Keeping a home sanitization regimen takes the right products, methods, and attitude, but it can be done. For more home hacks and helpful life advice, we have many more articles that you will find interesting reads.

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