Housetraining Your Puppy A Guide


You have welcomed a boisterous, affectionate little ball of fur into your home with plenty of excitement and enthusiasm. You’re loving every second of the experience until that moment when your new best friend leaves a foul-smelling present for you on your designer carpet or freshly polished wooden floor. Yes, there is no denying that the cuddles come at a price! Luckily, housetraining your puppy need not be the exhausting exercise that you are expecting. Here is a simple guide to follow that practically guarantees results. 

Create a routine right from the start 

Routine is the most imperative part of successful housetraining. Start off by taking your puppy outside at regular intervals – at least every hour to begin with. Make an extra trip outdoors immediately after their naps and mealtimes. Select a specific spot in the yard where you want your pup to do their business and spend time there every time you venture outside. Reward your dog every time they ‘go’ in the correct place with either plenty of praise or some delicious treats. 

Follow a feeding schedule 

You are sure to be met with fewer surprises in terms of your pup’s elimination habits if you follow a feeding schedule as recommended by a reputable veterinarian, such as easyvet Frisco. This usually means giving them their three to four small meals a day at the same time. If you do this, you quickly begin to notice that their bathroom habits become more consistent and predictable too. While you can regulate their food consumption, it is important to remember to ensure that freshwater is always available and easily accessible. 

Keep a close eye on them 

You will soon become aware of the specific behaviors and routines of your new pet that take place before they eliminate. Once you have learned to recognize them, you will be able to prevent an accident from occurring by swiftly taking your dog outside. The most common signs include barking or scratching at the door, becoming restless, circling, sniffing around the room, and, eventually, squatting to do the deed. 

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Mistakes are part of the process

Be prepared to have to clean up a certain amount of pee and poop throughout the housetraining process. The great news is that your pup should be properly housetrained as long as you remain consistent in your approach. If you catch your pet eliminating inside, interrupt them by loudly exclaiming ‘no’ and taking them outside. Praise them if they finish what they started there. Finally, never punish your pup for having an accident in the house. If you find a ‘present,’ it is too late to correct them. Just clean it up and strive to watch them a bit more closely going forward. Contrary to popular belief, it is never beneficial to rub their nose in the mess. Punishment such as this does more harm than good and will simply make them afraid to ‘go potty’ in your presence. 

Follow the guidelines above and your puppy will soon be a fully housetrained member of the family. Good luck!

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