How Colors Influence Our Lives

Colors Influence

It is no news that the colors that surround us and the colors that we wear can influence the perception we have on life and, also, our behavior. There are a lot of researchers that studied how different colors influenced behavior over the years and knowing how color can influence our behavior can help us understand the behavior of other people, as well as our own.

How the brain perceives color

The eye is a highly complex organ that uses a large part of the brain’s neural pathways. It makes a map of the space that surrounds us and perceives every detail of every object around us. The neuroscience behind it is so complex that scientists haven’t yet been able to mimic the processes behind it and use it for artificial intelligence.

If you are looking at some colors through a 100-gallon fish tank, you will see the colors differently because the light passes differently to the light receptors in the eye. That will make your perception different and there are infinite situations that can change the way we perceive things just through eyesight.

As you probably know, the science behind colors is that different colors send light differently to the light receptors in our retinas, the back part of the eye that transmits the information to the brain through the optic nerve. Every color has a different wavelength that, after it is being transmitted to different parts of the brain, produces different reactions.

The effect of different colors on our perception and behavior

Different colors have different effects on our perception, depending on the context that they are used in. We have a list of colors that are most common in different environments and we will tell you all about how you can use them to your advantage.


Red is considered the color of passion. That is why it is ideal for women to use for their first date outfit. Some studies suggest that men find women wearing red as more attractive, but the same studies have concluded that women also find men more attractive when they wear something red.

Red is a color that also stimulates the appetite, that is why it is used in many restaurants. It is great to use when painting your kitchen walls or dining room walls. If you want to lose weight, however, you should choose a different plate color.


Purple is a very interesting color because it is not easily found in nature. The brain often connects it with the idea of luxury and royalty because the color was not easily reproduced as people could not find it in nature, so the dyes were expensive. 

However, it is important to combine purple with a neutral color, like gray, because its excessive use can give the idea of ‘artificial’ and ‘fake’. So, purple rooms could create a sensation of awkwardness and make people feel uncomfortable.

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Gray is a neutral color that does not say much and doesn’t gather all the attention. It is a great companion for purple and, because it is passive, it is great for job interview outfits.


Blue is a great color that is found in the oceans and in the sky and is associated with loyalty, trustworthiness, and honesty. So if you want to project that, you should wear blue. A study made on workers in white offices opposed to blue offices has come to the conclusion that people working in offices with blue walls increased their productivity by 20 percent.

Even though there is a limitation in the evolution of AI when it comes to visual perception, the discoveries made so far about colors have also provided us with so much information we can use in our day to day lives so that we can make our lives better that makes it a pity not to use it.


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  • Red is my favorite color because it is bold and strong. I also love super bright, neon colors because they make me feel cheerful. I will especially wear bright colors like this when I teach fitness classes. It’s part of me spreading positive, uplifting energy.

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