In the Market for a New Bean Bag?

New Bean Bag

Asking These 7 Questions Will Help You Determine the Perfect Fit for Your Needs

Bean bag furniture is not just for kids anymore. Adults have discovered the versatility and comfort offered by bean bag chairs, loungers, and couches large enough for the entire family. Many companies that sell these products have suddenly appeared on the market, so the comparison is crucial before making a purchase.

Considering Your Needs

Customers seeking bean bag furniture will do well to have an idea of what they need and want before shopping. Some want to add a chair to an alcove for a quiet place to read. This will only require a product designed for individual use. Those who want to stretch out on the patio after a long day at work will need a lounger like those found over at Comfy Sacks.

Love-seat and couch size bean bags are wonderful for people who enjoy cuddling with a spouse or significant other. They can fit the whole family during movie nights or provide the ideal gaming seating. Knowing the essential needs to fulfill with bean bags will narrow down the choices and eliminate returns.

All Bean Bags are Not the Same

An important question to ask regards the filling used in the product. This varies from memory foam to foam scraps to shredded foam filling. Memory foam will create a permanent indentation after continued use. The material is desirable if only one person will be using that seat.

Scraps of foam often result in a cheaper price at first but will require replacement foam in a year or two. The pieces do not break apart easily, so they are not as flexible as other types of foam. A filling of shredded foam resists permanent compression, remains soft and can be shaped differently for every use.


Another question to ask is whether the product meets fire and safety standards. If it does not it has no place in the home. A critical child safety feature is a locking zipper on the inner lining that keeps the filling in while the cover is being washed.

Check to make sure outer covers are machine washable as well. Since different covers can be purchased to suit taste and décor, the chair becomes more versatile and long-lasting. Being able to wash covers in the machine is fast, easy and drastically lessens the time the inner liner is exposed.

Compare Companies

Do not hesitate to ask the salesperson how long the company has been in business. This information speaks volumes about the quality and experience that backs every bean bag option. Several newer companies do not stand the test of time and will not be around to honor a warranty, provide replacement items or deal with any deficiencies in the product.

A company that has been in business for many years offers superior quality. It knows how to produce bean bags that are durable and a high value for the purchase price. Also, ask about the length of a warranty. Most companies offer a warranty of two to three years, while experienced companies offer an unconditional warranty of five years.


The comfort and versatility do not stop with a place to sit. There are a few accessories available to enhance the joy of relaxing in a bean bag chair. Bean bag ottomans allow users to put their feet up and change positions to avoid pressure points or leg cramps.

A head pillow cradles the neck and back of the head for long tasks with no pain and very little need to change position. This pillow is also convenient when plans include sleeping in the chair or taking a quick nap. Add an available comfortable throw and the chair or couch becomes an instant guest bed.

Other Resources

Every company will claim the product sold is the best on the market. Taking that as the absolute truth is unwise. Reviews included on the website will only be the positive ones. To get an overall impression of the product read reviews from independent sites. Customers are encouraged to be honest and provide details for comments or complaints.

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Pose questions and get recommendations from people who own bean bag chairs already. Family, friends, coworkers, and associates are a wealth of information because they have been using the chair or larger piece of furniture in the home or office. Schools and libraries utilize bean bags to relax students and help them concentrate on reading or classwork, so check with teachers and librarians as well.


In addition to being trendy, there is a multitude of benefits that come from owning a bean bag chair. Back support is the first one noticed by users. There is no more struggling with the positions of pillows behind the back that is needed when sitting on a straight back chair.

The material moves in to cover the whole person offering warmth and a sense of security. Those who are tactile defensive can relax without any human contact while in a bean bag chair. A casual benefit is that furniture can be rearranged at will without heavy lifting or much planning.

Want to sit in the sun, move the bean bag closer to the window. A draft blowing in the window or underneath a door can be avoided by changing the space occupied by the lounger. People who want more light for reading or needlework can pick up a chair and place it wherever the light is brightest.

Try It Out

People who are unsure of the practice and versatility of bean bag furniture will want to purchase a high-quality chair to experience the comfort firsthand. A small investment is worth the time and space needed to own bean bag products for yourself. Once convinced the hype is real other bean bags can be purchased with confidence. Millions of owners cannot be wrong about adding this type of seating to their space.

Sizes vary greatly so dimensions are provided for each one to make it easy to figure out how much space is needed. Another way to make choices easy is to request outer cover samples from the company chosen. Some charge a nominal price per swatch and others will mail up to five options free of charge.


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