How Does a Lip Filler Procedure Work?

Many people feel their lips lack volume. As a result, they choose to turn to lip fillers. This procedure involves the injection of hyaluronic acids into the lips to add the desired amount of volume. As the body naturally produces hyaluronic acids, it will absorb the acids over time, which means the procedure must be repeated as needed. So how does this procedure work?

The Purpose of Lip Augmentation

Men and women turn to a Lip Filler procedure when they wish to have more voluminous lips. This procedure makes the lips more defined and noticeable. They increase in size and projection, and a person sees the results immediately. Those who have undergone the process say they feel more confident and attractive once this work is done.

Good Candidates for Lip Fillers

Many people find they are a good candidate for this procedure. However, the patient must be in good physical health and have realistic expectations regarding the outcome of the treatment.

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In addition, they cannot have an active oral infection, such as canker or cold sores, on the day of the appointment. Speak with a doctor to determine if this procedure is suitable for the issues to be addressed.

Why Lip Fillers Might Be Needed

There are several reasons a person may look into lip fillers. As a person ages, their lips tend to lose volume. Genetics also plays a role in the fullness of a person’s lips. Individuals cannot control these factors. However, smoking plays a role in the volume of a person’s lips, as does sun exposure.

The Benefits of Lip Fillers

This procedure helps to restore the fullness of a person’s lips and may be used to correct any asymmetry in the lips. A lip filler also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the sides of the mouth. However, many people choose this procedure simply because they believe fuller lips will improve their appearance. Furthermore, the process is completely reversible if the patient doesn’t like the results.

Lip Filler Risks

Before undergoing this or any procedure, the patient must understand any risks. For example, many people notice bruising or bump at the site of the injection, although these fade quickly. There may be slight discomfort during or following the procedure, and some people find their cold sores return. Infection is always a concern, as well. Arterial occlusion, tissue death, and migration are other possible risks to discuss with the doctor.

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The Lip Filler Procedure

Before undergoing this procedure, the patient will meet with the doctor to discuss their medical history, the method that will be used, and the expected results. Then, the doctor begins the procedure by applying a topical anesthetic. Once the lips are numb, they inject the chosen lip filler.

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The entire process typically takes 30 minutes or fewer. Following the injection, the provider may massage the lips to help with the absorption of the filler. The patient is then monitored for a short period to ensure there aren’t complications. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled a few weeks after the procedure to assess the results.

Many people choose to undergo a lip filler procedure today. When doing so, it’s best to work with a medical professional. This ensures the work is done correctly and the individual’s health and wellbeing remain the top priorities. Learn more today about this procedure and its benefits to determine if this option is right for you. Many people will find it is precisely what they need to improve their appearance.

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