How Drugs Can Affect Your Life Even If You are Not an Addict

How Drugs Can Affect Your Life Even If You are Not an Addict

We usually connect drugs with abuse almost immediately, but this may not always be the situation. Unfortunately, even if you are not addicted to drugs but like to indulge sometimes, it has the potential to ruin your life. The thing about the dangers of drug use or even illegal drug possession is that the threat is not always as direct as developing an addiction. Here is a bit about how drugs can affect your life even if you are not an addict.

Even a Single Day of Drugs Can be Lethal

Any illegal drug, be it marijuana or cocaine, can be lethal if the user is unlucky enough. Even if it isn’t lethal, there is the extremely dangerous risk of anything from paralysis to permanent brain damage occurring. There are two reasons why this may happen after just a day of recreational drug use, which we will discuss next.

Illegal Drugs Can Have Heavy Metals and Other Toxic Chemicals in Them

Although the big pharmaceutical companies of the world may not have the best reputation, they do produce safe drugs and only release them onto the market after sufficient testing has confirmed results. However, an illegal drug dealer does not have to be so vigilant about safety standards for obvious reasons! For example, the soil in which your marijuana was grown might have been contaminated with thallium. Opioids like heroin often do have traces of lead and thallium in it as well.

There is also a whole range of other synthetic and natural toxins that the illegal drug manufacturers use to cut their drugs, so the point is, even a single bad batch of marijuana or heroin may potentially ruin your life or that of someone you love.

Overdose is Common in First Time Users

This is more akin to hard drugs than something like weed of course, but even your first heroin needle could be your last needle, because it’s common for new users to overdose on hard drugs. When you have never even used the stuff before, it is easy to make that mistake without even realizing. The fact is that all our bodies react differently to drugs, be it legal or illegal. There is no way to know whether you are allergic to cocaine, so what would be a tolerable dose for addicts, could lead to death via anaphylaxis in some people on first use.

If You are Caught with Even Pot in the Wrong State, Your Career Could be Ruined

A single drug charge can potentially ruin your career or get you expelled from school, irrespective of how much potential you might have held in your field. The more severe the charge, the harder the repercussions, and unless you are able to prove it in the court, nobody will believe that it really was your first time or the fact that you are not an addict.

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In such scenarios, your best bet is to call in a criminal defense attorney to protect you, before you say a word to the police. In South Carolina, Charleston Law is a renowned name, and they will actually defend you instead of just telling you to plead guilty and ruin your life with a bad reputation.

There is no point in telling people that they should stay away from drugs because it seldom works, but to the logical mind, these points should make more sense as to why it is actually a good suggestion to consider.

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