How To Express Your Individuality On Social Media


In the last decade, social media has become a platform where everyone can express and speak their truth. This platform is flooded with artwork, food, fashion blogs, Instagram makeup tips, and all kinds of displays of self-expression. And when I say all kinds, I mean it; are you passionate about vintage furniture? Well, there is an active community that discusses the subject online!

As a matter of fact, if you’re into it, there’s someone else somewhere that enjoys it as well.

Your social media is a projection of who you are

Remember that people around you may perceive your posts on social media as a way of stating who you are, what you stand for, and most importantly, “this is what I focus my attention on”. So be careful how you present yourself online and the type of content you put out there for people to associate you with.

Verify your information

If you share news or events, make sure the information is accurate, and the source is trustworthy. Nowadays, it’s prevalent to find shady or partial information online; by verifying that what you share is from a reliable source, you stop misinformation from spreading.

Have peaceful interactions

The lack of actual contact during online interactions makes it easy to forget there’s a human on the other end, making heavy arguments for no good reason. But don’t forget social media is a broad community of individuals sharing their thoughts and views, and we are all entitled to speaking our minds, no matter how different our ideas can be.

Treat others with compassion and make your interactions constructive to both you and everyone else involved.

Share the love

There are more than enough terrible things going on right now, and we are all struggling with many different negative emotions. Use your posts and comments to pick your loved ones up, not to tear people down.

Social media offers the opportunity to bond with those around you in a loving and caring way. Is your friend posting photos where she looks happy and radiant? Remind her she’s sparkling, and you’re glad to see her happy!

Create art

Whether you like drawing, writing, making music, or whichever art form you can imagine, social media is a stage for you to broadcast your passions out into the world. You can eventually find a network of people who share your interests and appreciate how you express yourself through art.

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If you have a lot to say and want to share it with the world, but you don’t feel like getting artsy or talking in front of broad audiences is just not for you, talk about what you think online!

Videoblogging is a great way to express your point of view and lifestyle that gives more insight into who you are as a person outside of the little your profile can tell about you. There is a chance people can resonate with what you think if you put your thoughts out there.

In Conclusion: Talk about your passions

Are you passionate about your work, or do you enjoy specific hobbies on your time off? Tell everyone about it in your profile! If you’re a designer that enjoys taking care of his plants when he is off, share insights on your career and photos of the new sprouts; those around you will appreciate it because they know it is important to you.

Inspire others to share their passions by sharing yours, and encourage the belief that the best person you can be on social media is yourself.

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