How To Seek A Friendlier Divorce From Your Spouse

How To Seek A Friendlier Divorce From Your Spouse

When we talk of the D-word, all that comes to mind are altercations, arguments, and maligning each other’s reputation.  Doing that may seem the usual thing at that moment, but it can be a difficult situation in case kids are involved.

Many couples decide timely that they are not made for each other. Next, they decide to part ways, and since the relationship has not soured, their family respects their decision.

Do not rush 

First and foremost, do not rush into making the final decision. Any reactive decision you make can have severe consequences. For example, maybe you have seen your spouse with someone else. No problem, just relax and wait for things to normalize before confronting him on that matter.

However, if he has cheated before, the possibilities of amicable separation reduce to quite an extent. Visit to know more about seeking a divorce and understand the family laws from them.

Have a rational thought process 

If you want your relationship to end without any, take things slowly. You must understand that legal separation is an emotional process. Rushing into things will leave you drained out. You could even ask another person to sit with you while discussing the consequences of your decision with your partner.

Do not forget that you have shared some lovely memories with your spouse, and by getting agitated, you are degrading all the time spent together.

Decide on what your priorities are

What do you want to achieve in the end? Do you think that fights and arguments would lead to an amicable separation? Not exactly; on the other hand, you and your spouse would not even like to meet each other. If you want your peace of mind at the end of things, you would know how to handle things tactfully.

Shortlist a good family lawyer

Only an excellent and dedicated family lawyer can help you handle the mess in the best manner possible. Through a consultation with the experienced attorney, you can soothe the matters between you and your partner. They will also show you the merits of having a peaceful separation and how it is suitable for the extended family as well.

Expect some changes in your lifestyle 

You must keep yourself open to some drastic changes that would pursue once your divorce happens. Not only you, but the other partner would also witness the same situation. There is no point in having any animosity with him or her on that matter. Be prepared for some hard work as you would take time to adjust to these changes. It is also possible that your partner moves on pretty soon after the separation. You should be ok about that even before the actual divorce happens.

Avoid playing dirty 

Name-calling and mud-slinging is not a wise decision at this point of time. Many couples feel that until they fight it out with their spouse, they won’t get the required separation. However, remember that even the judges frown upon such a bad situation.

Try and sort your matters properly before you reach the court. Apart from that, do not pick-up old situations and fight to prove that you were right. Whatever incidents happened before your decisions are over now, and it is pointless talking about them now.

Don’t consult your friends 

You may share your issues with your friends but do not ask for their suggestions. It is your marriage, and only you know the nuances of the same. By continually seeking their opinion, you are only increasing the gap you had with your spouse. Many partners are not comfortable with their details being shared, and avoiding this during the divorce scenario is required to respect their privacy.

Don’t fall into the temptations 

Your spouse may try to bring you down by playing it dirty. It is advisable not to give in to their demands. Instead, ask your lawyer to tell them clearly about your demands. We know that things are easier said than done.

It is very tempting to fall to their level and start the name-calling. But trust us, later on, when things will be over, you would regret this decision of acting rashly.

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Keep the children’s interests in mind 

When kids are involved, you must handle the situation carefully. Kids are so used to seeing their entire family that when their parents decide to separate, it becomes hard for them to cope. Sit down with your children and explain to them why this decision was taken in the first place.

Also, comfort them and convince them nothing major is going to change in their lives. Kid’s hearts are fragile, and if you just impose your decision on them, it could have a profound impact.

Discuss the financial settlements in advance

Often one of the biggest causes of people fighting during a divorce is because they cannot agree on the financial terms. To avoid that, sit down with the lawyers of both parties and decide your financial obligations with each other.

It is very important to agree on a common ground on this one, especially if kids are involved. If you argue over insignificant amounts, the children feel both the parents are neglecting their duties. This can lead to another level of animosity that you may find difficult to address.


Divorce is tough, and so is the entire process that leads to it. Do not take things lightly and maintain a calm and peaceful stance during this time. Later on, when you are done with the legal technicalities, you should not remember your divorce as a traumatic experience. You might have to meet your ex-spouse at some point or other later.

By spoiling your relations, the possibilities of having a comfortable discussion about common topics will reduce. Moreover, you will suffer mental torture till things are not over. It is no point taking so much stress and you should use the above tips to maintain your calm demeanor.

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