How to Start a Drive-Thru Coffee Business

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As indicated by a July 2020 report from Research and Markets, the worldwide coffee shop market is required to be worth $237.6 billion by 2025. Coffee is the second most well-known beverage on the planet and has a significant impact on our public activities and everyday lives. 

Starting a drive-thru coffee stand is an awesome method to move into the business of selling coffee. It saves you loads of cash in start-up expenses and produces as much income as a full complete store. The correct location tends to be the ideal answer for a new coffee business without the capital for a physical shop. Planning and organization are key for this business’s success, and this article is here to discuss that.

  • Develop an Effective Business Strategy

Your strategy will be your foundation for all you accomplish as you work to make your coffee shop. It will assist you in picking the correct area, hardware, software, and staff. Your marketable strategy will educate each choice you make from the beginning. 

Before you begin searching for an area, you should figure out what your drive-thru coffee stand will sell. There are not many cafes that only serve coffee, and your menu will decide your requirements for an area. 

With a drive-thru coffee stand, it is impossible to have the space to cook or prepare items on location. You will most likely be baking off-site and carrying products to the shop every morning along these lines. 

A huge determination of teas, smoothies, Italian soft drinks, and other non-stimulated refreshments are incredible for the day and night swarm. Coffee is your essential contribution; however, you can catch new customers by offering refreshments without caffeine. 

This plan is something you should design out. The things that you remember for your menu need to fit that model. 

  • Carry out your Market Research and know your competitors

Discover what sort of coffee shops are in your general vicinity. Are there any drive-thru alternatives effectively accessible? What do they serve? If all the drive-thru stands only serve refreshments, at that point, adding food to your menu will distinguish you. 

You likewise need to know what the sit-down cafes are doing. Do they have an option for mobile pick up/order? If somebody gets their coffee at your stand twice as quickly as elsewhere, they will return. Indeed, they may become steadfast customers. 

Something else to consider while investigating your competitors is their pinnacle busy times. This consideration can assist you in getting ready for staffing needs and marketing techniques. 

  • A Convenient and Easily Accessible Location

Your area will influence your customer traffic more than nearly anything else. The main selling point A drive-thru coffee shop’s for consumers is comfort. You can set aside a ton of cash in start-up and activity costs as an operator. The customers need their coffee cheap and snappy. 

Many people purchase coffee on their drive to work or school. As much as quality is important for a drive-thru coffee stand, yet the convenience is significantly more important. Ensure there is more than one access to your parking area, as this will diminish traffic development. 

Nonetheless, one thing to keep in mind if you are seeking after this course is your state/city/region guidelines. Please make certain to contact your neighborhood government and guarantee your arrangement for your business conforms to their guidelines. 

  • Choose if you will build or purchase your drive-thru coffee stand. 

Building a coffee stand from the beginning is a suitable alternative. If you have access to the right devices and hardware, you could set aside a ton of cash by building the stand yourself. However, if this is not something you realize how to do, connect with a contractor in your vicinity. They might have the option to do this for you effortlessly and help you see your particular vision figured it out. 

You can also decide to buy an already constructed stand or even purchase food trucks or old RV’s and convert them into a drive-thru. This choice can likewise permit you to move your coffee shop if there is a neighborhood occasion that you need to have a presence at. Whatever you pick, ensure, as we referenced before, that you are meeting all your region’s guidelines. 

  • Purchase Equipment to accommodate your space

Equipment is the main piece of making great coffee. In a huge cafe, you need to consider the nature of coffee that a given bit of equipment can deliver. In any case, in a drive-thru stand, you need to consider size as well. 

The two most significant pieces to consider are your espresso machine and your grinder. The greatest deciding element in size is the number of group heads on your machine regarding coffee machines. 

Ensure you additionally have an approach to channel your water. Coffee is over 98 percent water, and your water quality will decide your coffee quality.  One important piece of equipment is a pos system with drive thru integration

  • Design a unique brand for your coffee shop 

The way you brand a drive-thru coffee shop will be different from that of an actual shop. You don’t have to stress over your inside style; however, you do have to catch individuals’ attention. People go for good coffee that is convenient. 

Instead of a minimal approach, use unique wordplay, bright colors, and even a good pun. Keep in mind; you do not need individuals to feel quiet and relieved by your store’s marking. You need their vehicle to maneuver into your parking garage to purchase coffee. 

  • Start Marketing even before you are open. 

A marketing strategy can have a tremendous effect on your first day of the season or the end of the week. You can advertise online and via social media. Beginning a blog, posting Facebook and Instagram recordings, or beginning Twitter discussions are good spots to start. This strategy can produce some buzz and let individuals realize that your new coffee shop is opening. 

Another method to showcase your drive-thru coffee stand is as it was done in the old days. Get huge signs, lights, and whatever else that will grab a driver’s eye as they cruise by. Promoting your best things in enormous, intense letters or with photographs helps too. 

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You give individuals their coffee rapidly, and they don’t even need to leave their vehicle. Utilize that in your advertisement and help individuals to remember the convenience that you offer. 

  • Select and value the coffee you will offer 

Two things that distinguish you in a drive-thru coffee business is convenience and cost. The normal supporter of a drive-thru coffee stand isn’t searching for a $5 cup of pour-over coffee. They need something caffeinated, not one with a dirt-like taste. You must be cautious while thinking about what coffees to offer and how to value them. 

In a drive-thru setting, however, you will be ideally serviced by offering acceptable and fast coffee. However, your focus is to get as many cheerful customers past your window as could be allowed. Try not to become involved with perfectionism; ensure your coffee (and food if you decide to serve it) is delightful. 

  • Recruit and train individuals 

Staffing is an important part of any business, particularly one that faces many customers like coffee. Recruiting can be a troublesome cycle, yet there are many key things to search for when finding the best baristas. Experience in customer service, function in a fast-paced environment, their love for coffee, and how well they learn new skills.

When preparing your baristas, an expert tip set aside some effort to learn if they do have any unfortunate habits. New baristas might not have a lot of experience yet; however, they can frequently turn out better for your business. You will train them from the start and show them your method of making incredible coffee. Training them to use the POS is also something that cannot be ignored.

A POS framework accomplishes something beyond ring up sales. A coffee shop POS can help you monitor your stock, screen your business’ profits and analytics, oversee workers, and take payments anywhere. Your POS should streamline phone, in-person, and online orders so that you do not miss any sale opportunity.

  • Be Hospitable

People love feeling attended to and cared for, particularly in the eatery business, which is vital in the coffee industry. The issue is, this appears to be unique in a drive-thru setting than in a sit-down setting. 

Envision the requirements of the customers before they inquire. If a customer demands drip coffee with cream and sugar, offer to add that yourself, and appreciate them for patronizing you.

Seemingly insignificant details like this can go far in demonstrating that you care about your customers and that you are moving the “extra mile” to serve them. This attitude can affect a one-time and a loyal customer. 


To begin a drive-thru coffee shop, you will require an intensive field-tested strategy, a decent area with a reasonable lease, a decent advertising system, and excellent coffee. The area is the main bit of your drive-thru coffee stand system, and you will require a spot that is effectively open to individuals via vehicle. Monitor where your cash is going to grow new techniques to improve your business. A good choice of POS system for your coffee business will go a long way in making your job easy and providing the convenience that it focuses on.

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