Incredibly Amazing Puppy Training Tips That Will Leave You Speechless

Incredibly amazing puppy training tips that will leave you speechless

There are so many different training you can do with your dog but one ranks above all else. I am talking about the potty training process.

In fact, potty training is not just a behavioral training. It is a requirement.

If you wish to keep your dog in the house (or even in your backyard) it is first necessary to teach him to respect his space. This can be a tall task given the fact that majority of animals tend to mark their territory.

Luckily, with this article and several valuable tips it has, you will be able to teach your dog just that.

Basics of puppy potty training

Before I start talking about individual tricks and small details you need to address, I first need to discuss the basics.

In a nutshell, every dog training is the same.

You need to be very patient and persistent, to show leadership, to instill authority and to take the lead. Do not expect from a dog to do your job or to magically teach itself how to pee and poo outside. This is something you need to do in your spare time and for that, you will require some engagement.

First, I would wish to talk about discipline.

Puppies do not have any discipline or any sense of “I have to do this” or “I mustn’t do this”. In fact, a puppy isn’t aware of most these things (and its repercussions) before he does it for the first time. Only after seeing your reaction can a puppy tell if it did good or bad. In the real animal world, this is something that would be done by its mother. In this case, you are the one that needs to perform training.

Have in mind that if something isn’t in dog’s nature, it will have issues adopting it. The farther from normal behavior something is, the more time would it need for a dog to learn it.

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Discipline is instilled with persistence and repeating one and the same thing over and over again. This means that you as an owner have to have a good routine so that the dog can adopt it.

Next thing I wish to mention is love.

This might seem confusing for most owners as they realize the importance of this one. Here’s the deal. Whatever you wish to teach a dog (or any other animal) it is necessary to do it with love and to show love as you go.

Using physical punishment or anything negative might cause increased obedience but will have severe long-term consequences on your dog’s psyche. Given that pottying is a biological need, this may cause some stress induced side effects and dog may become unable to pee or poo while with you due to fear of what might happen if he doesn’t.

Actionable tips:

  • Your home is not your dog’s territory. He will try to piss around it as if it was but you need to prevent this from happening
  • Dogs need to go out several times during the day. It is usually in the morning, evening, after lunch and several more times depending on its need. Make sure to recognize the dog’s need and to go out before accident occurs
  • The best way to control dog’s bowel movement is to give him same amount of food each day and at the same time. If the dog doesn’t finish its meal, make sure to remove it
  • Have a command for peeing and pooing. This way dog will now when its ok to do it
  • Reward your dog from time to time by petting it
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