Is It Really Safe To Smoke Old Weed Or Should You Avoid It?

Smoke Old Weed

Have you found some old weed in the pocket of your old jeans? Or some wrapped in a crumpled plastic bag buried inside your sock drawer? Now you must be wondering about smoking old weed that whether it’s safe or not? No matter, you search on the internet to look for the answers or refer to some bonafide scientific research, you will not find any reasonable theory which clarifies if smoking old weed is a safe choice or not. 

No source validates the effects and uses of the old weed. You will not discover any reliable report explaining to you whether you can get high with this old piece of stash, or is it better to throw it away? It’s only like navigating in the Minecraft of clashing theories.

Well, the truth is that the old weed does not decay or spoil over time, just like vegetables, or flowers, or milk, and cheese do. Only, it might lose its flavor and aroma if not stored in an air-tight jar or if exposed to heat or sunlight, and you will not have pleasure while smoking it. In this article, we will examine the old weed from different aspects and will establish if smoking old cannabis is as good as the fresh one. Let’s get started.

What you must look for before smoking old weed?

  • First of all, if you have found your cannabis to be moist, then tossing it out is a safe option. Damp marijuana might degenerate and grow bacteria all over it, which can be too small to detect. Check if there are little white spots all over the plant or if it does not smell like weed anymore and more like spoiled food. Well, smoking the old week will not cause any health problems, but the fungus on it will be nauseating.
  • It’s better to describe the scent of fresh weed as grassy, woody, and earthy, but many call its scent to be a ‘skunk’ scent. However, its fragrance is most robust and compelling, as compared to other dried plants and drugs. Now check for the smell of the old weed, which you have found. See if it has lost its scent or not. As we all know, the pot is from a plant family and plants deteriorate, as they grow old. The aromatic terpene oils of weed exhaust and dry out, THC degenerates, and as a result, weed loses its one-of-a-kind aroma.
  • If you made some food using weed or baked some weed cookies or cakes, and now some leftovers are lying in your fridge, then it is better to throw them away as they will not taste any good.
  • Check for the condition of the bud as well. Take the leaves in your hands and pull them apart. See if they crumble or not or feel bumpy or get powdery? These signs show that your weed has decayed. There is no harm in smoking old cannabis, but it will not get you as high and euphoric as you would like to be, and thus, you will not find fulfillment in smoking it.

What to do to maintain the quality of old weed?

Marijuana or weed is famous for its extended shelf life. It may stay fresh and pure in taste for as long as ten years or even more if monitored and taken care of from the beginning to reaching its end-users. It is essential to take correct measures to keep the form and safety of the weed intact. Make sure that you save your pot all dry in some air-tight box and keep the box where it does not get exposed to sunlight. 

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Store your weed in a cool place. If stored properly, your pot will not decay or lose its potency, and its smoke will be much delightful. Now we got the answer to a question that is it safe to smoke old weed or not? We can safely say that yes, there is no harm in smoking old weed if it is stored properly and is all dry and aromatic. The grass that is damp or not carefully stored is worth throwing out. So, be careful while smoking weed and enjoy your day with a delightful wholesome joint.


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