Love Driving? Plan Your Perfect Road Trip

Love Driving? Plan Your Perfect Road Trip

If you love driving, then the chances are you have been thinking about planning a road trip for some time. One thing and another always tends to get in the way – but there is no harm in sitting down and marking out the possibilities. 

After all – what really is as enjoyable as driving down a straight road that has no traffic lights, the sun is bright, and you have your favorite music on? Or perhaps you live driving in the rain and at night? Whatever it is you, love, here are some tips for planning it to perfection. 

Love Driving? Plan Your Perfect Road Trip

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Before you take any kind of trip, you’re going to need to make sure your vehicle has had the once over. Comfort is, of course, a big deal, but if the steering is slightly off, or your tires aren’t the right pressure, then what starts out wonderful can turn into a nightmare pretty quickly. You can of course so some safety checks yourself but you should really be taking it a mechanic like La Mesa Automotive N’ Alignment to make sure your baby is in perfect driving condition. 


If you know how long your route is going to take, then you’ll be able to create the perfect playlist. You are looking ideally to create double time in music that you need. So both the drive there and back will be fresh. And, if you decide to skip a song, you have plenty of back-ups. Create different playlists for different roads you will be going on. Have one for in the morning drives that is peppy and upbeat, and again for the evening. Keep any slower songs and playlists for somewhere in the middle of the day and cities – because slower music is more relaxing and if used at night might make you a little bit too sleepy. 

Route Planning

Use a combination of Google Maps and Waze to plan your route. It comes down to your personal choice, which one you use. Google maps have the ability to work with iTunes and a few other inbuilt music players – so if you are using a Bluetooth speaker system, this works well. Although Waze has the upper hand in most cases as it has the speedometer – and gives a gentle nudge if you go over the limit. 

Waze tends to be the long route app of choice because it is faster with live reporting from other drivers about incidents. 

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Before you leave, you should pack a range of snacks and plenty of water. Although you should be taking regular stops along the way, you’ll also find that snack stops aren’t the cheapest by a long shot. Pack things like nuts, sandwiches, and other things that you can open with ease, and that won’t be impacted by the heat in the car. 

And finally, remember that the moment you start to feel even the slightest bit sleepy you need to take a stop and rest. Driving while you are tired is very dangerous and can cause some serious accidents – for you and others around you. 


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