Maintaining Your Home’s Standards With a Dog

Maintaining Your Home’s Standards With a Dog
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There’s much to love about having a pet dog, but it’s also true that they can kind of wreak havoc when it comes to your home. They’re sometimes dirty, they like to playfully destroy your belongings, and they can all-around lower the quality of your home, just by being themselves. Aw. Still, while this will be what happens if you let things run on autopilot, you can prevent it from happening by taking steps to maintain your home’s standards. We take a look at a few tried and tested methods below.


Dogs are domesticated, but not naturally so. To keep their wild side at bay, you’ll need to take the time to train them and bring their domesticated side out. Things like peeing on the carpet will be second-nature to your pet dog, but it’ll be a disaster for the quality of your home. As such, you’ll want to begin your dog’s training as early as possible — and make sure you stick with it, too. Many dog owners give up when the going gets tough, but you need to power through this stage and make sure that your dog is compliant.

Cleaning Stations

You know to avoid muddy puddles and the like when you’re walking around town. Your dog gravitates towards them. And once they return home, they’ll be bringing in all that dirt and muck from the outside world right into your home. Or at least they will if you allow them. This is your home, and thus they’re your rules! Set up a cleaning station so that you can wash your dog down before they enter the main part of the property. It’ll take a few more minutes, sure, but will make a big difference.

Beware the Food

Sometimes, it’s not the dog that compromises the quality of your home, but their food. You wouldn’t leave a half-eaten plate of food out on the side for days on end, but that’s just what people do when it comes to their pet’s food. If it’s just sitting there, uneaten, then you’ll attract unwanted visitors, especially if it’s in a place near to the outdoors. The two most common pests that will be drawn to your dog’s food will be flies (easy to manage) and raccoons (less so); if you have a problem with the later, take a read about this website to see how you can get rid of them. The simplest method to keep this method at bay is to clear the bowl away when your dog has finished eating, and wash it thoroughly.

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Wash and Replace

Your dog has their favorite toys, and rightly so. However, there’s no getting around the fact that they can have a detrimental effect on your property. They spend their entire life being chewed by your dog, which has breath that is, well, less than perfect. From time to time, make sure you’re scrubbing and washing the toys, and also replacing them when enough is enough. Your dog will get over it once it’s replaced!


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