Make a Wish with a Wishlet Bracelet They Make Great Gifts

Make a Wish with a Wishlet Bracelet They Make Great Gifts

Disclosure: I received Wishlet Bracelets in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.


Wishlets are created by Megan Robbins. These cute little bracelets are meant to empower, there is more to them than meets the eye! These bracelets have a real meaning behind them which makes them a special gift to a close friend or family member.  Think of them as jewelry with a purpose.  When you first look at them they look pretty simple but the message behind them is anything but simple.

Just like when you blow out your birthday cake candles and make a wish, these bracelets are the same concept.  Just like also wishing on a falling star.  “A wish bracelet is usually tied in three knots. Each knot represents a wish. The bracelet must be left on until it falls off on its own.”

Don’t worry about it falling off on its own. This is the purpose of the bracelets, the Wishlets are made with cotton strands and it is to be expected that eventually, the material will give way, but what it symbolizes makes it hard to be worried about that part.

Make a Wish with a Wishlet Bracelet They Make Great Gifts

My wish bracelets are for women and girls of all ages who want to celebrate a milestone, work on their goals, and become more motivated by the constant reminder of the wish bracelet on their wrist. If you have any questions, would like to place a custom order, or would like to feature me in some way please send me an email. I have been on the Etsy Conversations Podcast, I’ve been featured on the Be Prepared Period blog, and in subscription boxes. -from Megan Robbins (creator and owner)

As you can see above these are just a few of the great ideas that Megan has come up with.  She has already made 6,000 and is still going.  These would make great stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, or simple gifts for your daughter’s bffs.  So many to choose from and so many occasions to use them for.

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Each bracelet is only $3.99 which makes it even better when giving these special Wishlet Bracelets.

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