Making Your Home Child Friendly

Making Your Home Child Friendly

Looking forward to seeing your new grandchildren or friends toddlers? Let’s make your home fun with lots of board and video games but safety comes first! So If you haven’t had children around for a while, it might be a good idea to look at the hazards in your home so you can eliminate them and make your home child-friendly. We sometimes don’t realize the dangers in the home until little hands and feet start exploring and things can happen so quickly with a small child, that its best to prevent the accident rather than cure the injury. The following ideas may help you to create a child-friendly home where children can visit, grow and thrive. Looking forward to spending time with the kids? There will be love and laughter once you’ve checked your home. 

Safety Alarms 

If you haven’t already got them, consider installing a fire alarm and a carbon monoxide detector. If you do have a smoke alarm, make sure the batteries are working and test the alarm once a month. People who own smoke alarms and don’t replace the batteries often enough are four times more likely to die according to some statistics. Even though you have smoke detectors and alarms installed and spent a bit of cash to save your family if there is a fire, you are gambling with their lives if you do not do this simple check; testing the batteries is very important. This is one of those things that people think will never happen to them, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It is recommended that you have a detector on all levels in the house for maximum safety, and this is one of the most important things you can do. Other alarms such as carbon monoxide detectors attached to boilers or fireplaces also need to be tested regularly. Your heating system is very important, if you are looking after children, heat and hot water are obviously essential. Annual services are recommended to prevent carbon monoxide leaks and any other problems that can occur such as needing water heater repair. These types of repairs not only keep your family safe but regular maintenance ensures they are as efficient as possible. 

Make it Safe, Remove Hazards

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Many homes have everyday items that could suffocate or strangle a child, so it’s good to identify them all to make them safe. If you have plastic shopping bags in your home, make a habit of tying them in a knot when you store them. This small step can stop the temptation of children trying them on as hats and as silly as they look, this is very dangerous to their health and accidents can happen. Childproof locks on cupboards where cleaning products are kept are essential. Keep all potential poisons such as bleach and floor cleaners either out of reach or fit child locks to ensure they are not tampered with.

Creating a safe home environment and teaching children some basic knowledge of fire alarms and plastic bags will ensure they do not become a statistic. Once the safety elements of your house have been addressed, it’s time to start planning the fun with the little ones and create long-lasting memories filled with laughter. 

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