Preparing for Halloween

Preparing for Halloween

Are you ready for this year’s Halloween? Halloween is the perfect time to dress up in costumes that lets you be someone else, if only for one magical Halloween night. If you’re having trouble preparing for Halloween, you’re not alone—lots of people find it hard to choose a costume! The following are some great ideas for Halloween costumes that will have you ready for fun, scares and plenty of Halloween candy this October.

Once Upon a Time

You can’t wrong with the classics! Fairy tale costumes are always “in,” and whether you’re interested in making your own costume from scratch or picking one up from a store, you can always find plenty of costumes for classic fairy tale characters. If you’re in a frilly mood, opt for a princess costume like Cinderella or Rapunzel; if you’re feeling a bit friskier, look for a fun Red Riding Hood or even the Big Bad Wolf—or both, if you’re going out as a couple! Just remember to hang onto your glass slippers, magic beans and baskets for granny at the end of the night.

Head to the Movies

Everyone loves a good popcorn flick, which is why movie-inspired costumes are always popular during Halloween. If you want to showcase your love for a favorite movie or TV show, why not dress up as a character from your favorite film? You could head out on Halloween night dressed up as a character from the latest summer blockbuster or inspire nostalgia in your fellow Halloween goers by dressing up like a 90s TV show character. Thanks to an increasing number of people hoping to head out on October 31st dressed liked favorite characters, you can find just about any movie or TV show character costume available for sale at costume shops.

Masquerade—Hide Your Face

Masquerade is a classic Halloween theme that lets you indulge in something ornate, fancy and just a bit mysterious. Venetian masks are perfect for a memorable masquerade outfit, though there plenty of other perfect masks for Halloween that would suit a masquerade theme as well. If you don’t want to be the only one hiding your face, opt to throw a masquerade-themed party or find one to attend on Halloween night. Venetian masks and other masks go great with fancy ballroom style outfits, so if you’re looking to wear something that’s over the time, they are a great option. 

Get Scary

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Of course, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without something scary! If you’d rather not dress up like a princess or retro movie character, you can always choose to be something that will strike at least a little fear into the hearts of your fellow Halloween lovers. Classic monsters like vampires and ghosts are always an option, and you can take it even further with scary special effects makeup and be a bloody zombie or ghoul. 

Halloween is the perfect time to indulge in your desire to dress up and be someone else for a night; if you’re struggling with costume ideas, keep the above ideas in mind to help you choose. 


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