Max Polyakov and His Zürich Firefly Tourism Experience That Changed Him

Max Polyakov and His Zürich Firefly Tourism Experience That Changed Him

Max Polyakov was born in a town called Vilnius in Lithuania. He and his two siblings lived happily with parents who loved them and loved life. Mr. Gabriel Polyakov, his father had met his mother some thirty-five years ago and loved her with all his heart. They dated for just three years, and then Gabriel Polyakov was ready to pop the question. They had met in a concert opera in the city and Vilnius and they knew they were meant to be. They went on to have three children, the second born was Max Polyakov.

Gab, as he was affectionately called, loved the scenery and loved to travel. He made sure his family also appreciated the good pleasures that the world at large offered. He always took advantage of his leave days to plan trips to several places in the world, just for his family to remain happy.

Vilnius itself was not a boring city. The city boasted of a very beautiful scenery and great water bodies. The lakes and rivers alone were enough to make a person feel a touch from heaven. After touring enough of his own city, Gab, who was very interested in travels and tourism decided to continue with his interests outside of Lithuania.

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Max Polyakov and His Family visit Africa

It was logical, because of Gab’s love for nature and adventure, that the next trip would take them to Africa. The family, by the time Max Polyakov turned eighteen, decided to leave the shores of Europe and land right in the heart of Southern Africa. They went on to search for the best place to travel to. The family settled on the Kruger National Park in South Africa and fell in love with the amazing climate and scenery. The reserve also boasted of a wealth of amazing animals which echoed the beauty of the world. That, with the well-guided tours, gave Max Polyakov and his family enough value for their money. They even got the opportunity to see the Zambezi sharks! South Africa was a lovely experience for the family.

Zürich and Firefly teaches Max Polyakov all about traveling

The following two years, the place to go was Zürich. Mr. Gabriel Polyakov arranged the trip with the Firefly Tourism Agency. During that trip, Max Polyakov and the family rented an apartment and were guided around by a Firefly tour guide. This was when Max Polyakov decided he wanted to be a tour guide. He told his father when they had returned and started putting in the work to be trained and employed by Firefly. Max Polyakov got accepted to train with Firefly Tourism Agency and soon learned all that he needed to know to be an excellent tour guide. At the age of thirty-two, Max Polyakov had ten years of experience under his belt and a job with the Firefly Tourism Agency that he loved so much. His job with Firefly brought him into contact with many many people from all over the world and to Max Polyakov, this was indeed a dream come true.

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