New Year, New Job? Be Careful: You’re Not Home and Dry Yet

New Year, New Job? Be Careful: You’re Not Home and Dry Yet

So you spent the majority of 2017 wishing you had a new job, and now 2018 has rolled around, and you’ve got one: hurrah! You can already envision how it’ll enable you to spend more time with your loved ones, put a little bit of extra cash in your bank account, and all-around lead to a better quality of life. But not so fast: even if you’ve nailed the interview and have been verbally offered the job, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the job is yours. There are still a few things that can go wrong. Below, we take a look at some of these issues.

Source: New Year, New Job? Be Careful: You’re Not Home and Dry

Your Old Employers

Everyone has had a boss that they didn’t get along with. Some people have even left a job all because of the behavior of their superiors! If you’ve got one of these people in your professional past, then you better hope that they’re not the vengeful type. Your potential employers might call up your old places of work, even if you haven’t supplied their information as references. If you think you have an ex-boss who might throw you under the bus, mention the situation to your new employers before it becomes an issue.

A Little White Lie

Some people don’t place all that much importance on their resume. For starters, their professional history might be so extensive that it’s difficult to keep up with everything that’s happened. However, your memory issues won’t protect you if you’ve found to have lied on your resume. Some companies would take this very seriously, even if it were a simple error. There have been employees who have lost jobs they’ve been doing for years all because it emerged that their background wasn’t what it said it was when they first applied for the job.

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Background Checks and More

Everyone’s got a past, but that doesn’t mean that their past actions have to follow them around for the rest of their life. If you’ve been in any sort of trouble with the law, it’s best to come clean before your potential employers run a criminal background check. Don’t worry: if it was a long time ago and wasn’t all that serious, they’re unlikely to care. Also, be aware of any pre-employment drug screening tests the company might have you take; there are some surprising things that can make you fail a drug test. Be honest, and don’t assume any errors will prevent you from getting the job. You’ll have a chance to share your side of the story.

Your Online Presence

Social media is a great tool for connecting with friends, sharing our memories, and so forth, but it can be a nightmare when it comes to getting a new job. A significant number of employers now check the social media sites of their future employees, and if they find anything that they don’t like, then they may rescind your job offer. The solution? It’s simple: scrub those social media channels before anything bad crops up.

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