Parenting in the age of Technology

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The entire world has become over the years tech-centric. We have seen people are using the tech-creatures on the roads, offices and even in the daily routine life and spend hours and hours. Even the young kids and teens are very fond of technology made cell phones, tablets, and pads and even the computer machines. So, technology has been integrated with the humans DNA. Whatever we do on the phones, computers and other gadgets and devices obviously have some purpose. However, there is mix reaction we have received over the years that the parenting in the age of technology is easier or it has become difficult.

According to the Survey

The widespread of the technology made parents think it has made it easier. States show that 69% of the parents think that parenting has become easier with the presence of the technology. The majority of the parents think that the cell phones gadgets have made the parenting quite easy for them. On other hands, they are 29% of the parents that think the smartphones and computer machines have made the parenting too difficult for them.

Is it true cell phones have made parenting difficult?

Obviously, the smartphones, pads, and tabs have never been created for spending all the time on it. But when kids and teens have made their lives risky and obsessed with the technological creatures. They use it for so many different reasons not for just making calls and text messages only. They use it when the phones are connected to the internet and download social media apps such as Facebook, tinder, line, vine, Yahoo, Snapchat and plenty of others alike. They make audio and video calls, chat conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos.

This is not enough; they play online video games and visit the sexually explicit content by using the cell phone browser. Young kids and teens make multiple user accounts on different instant messaging apps and get the encounter with the stalkers, pedophilia, do blind dates with the online friends in real life and got the bad consequences. They share their personal photos and videos in compromising way that triggers the stalkers, online bullies and sexual predators to hunt them by approaching them online or by getting their address from the social media apps profiles. Hence, we can admit the parent’s viewpoint that the parenting in the age of technology has difficulties. Let’s discuss the second approach of the parents.

How technology helps parents to do effective parenting?

The counter-arguments of the parents against other parents that think technology has made the parenting difficult. The majority of the parents think that the technology has made the parenting impressively easier for the parents that are busy in the offices and they have to do multiple jobs for their kids and teens bread and butter.  In old days once children lose, and then parents have to call the police to trace out the kids and teens.

But in the present world, parents itself can easily track down the location of the kids and teens by tracking the current and exact location of the child with the help of GPS location tracker. Parents know that if the location of the kid’s phone once monitored they will get their kids within no time. They just need to install the tracking apps for cell phones on kids and teens smartphone. On the other hand, the hidden surveillance app even allows a user to monitor the kids and teens all day long secretly and they will get to know what they have done on their cell phones.

Parenting in the age of Technology

Parents have firmly believed that kids and teens use smartphones connected to the internet and get involved in bad activities and hunt by the bad ones online. Parents can use the cell phone monitoring software on the kids and teens phone and get to know all the activities. They can use the IM’s social media of the spy phone app. It allows the user to track text messages, chat conversations, shared media files and VOIP calls. Parents can also spy on text messages, calls, browsing history, and they can remotely control kids and teens phone by blocking text messages, calls and the internet remotely.


It is arguably true that technology has made parenting difficult, but on the other hands, it has also made it far easy than in the past with the help of best phone spy apps to the fullest.


Aline Carrara is a tech geek and digital parenting expert. She mostly writes latest social media and mobile data protection. She works at TheOneSpy Android spy software related Children Monitoring Software and protect cell phone OS (Android, Blackberry, iPhone). Follow her on twitter @alinecarrara7



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69% of the parents think that parenting has become easier with the presence of the technology. I am afraid of it.

Kami Sundstrom
Kami Sundstrom

I think both sides offer valid arguments, but technology isn’t slowing down anytime soon. I think all we can do as parents is to educate our children on the dangers and monitor their devices!