Party Games For Kids

Party Games For Kids

If you are looking for ideal games for your kid’s birthday party, this list will come in handy. It will help you figure out the best games to pick for a fun birthday party for kids. Add some extra fun with LED light-up toys.

#1. Prize Walk

Since this game is similar to the catwalk, this game is perfect for children between the ages of 3 to 4 years. 

How To Play Prize Walk

On a square chart, write numbers 1 to 30. Create a circle on the ground and stick the number square charts within that circle. Create smaller chits with the number 1 to 30 as well and place them in a bucket. Shuffle the chits thoroughly. Instruct the children to walk around the circle with the music playing. When the music stops playing, they should stand on a number. Pick a number from the basket and the kid standing on the number that correlates to your number wins a prize. Play the game for several rounds.

#2. Bubble Wrap Race

This is a simple yet fun game for kids aged 3 years and older. It does not need a lot of things – a lot of bubble wrap and ample space for kids to play.

How to Play Bubble Wrap Race

Get a large sheet of bubble wrap and spread it on flat ground. Instruct kids to walk from one end of the sheet to the other without popping the bubbles. The kids who cross the bubble without making any noise wins the game.

#3. Photo Scavenger Hunt

This game is age-appropriate for all kids. Moreover, you can stage it anywhere. To make it even better, you can change the difficulty level based on the age of the kids playing. A simple version of the photo scavenger hunt is the perfect game for young kids. On the other hand, older kids can tackle a more challenging game.

How to Play Photo Scavenger Hunt

Create a map for kids to follow. Additionally, give them picture clues of the items they need to find. At all the waypoints with clues, keep rewards such as chocolates to motivate them to continue with the game. If you stage the game in public spaces, send an adult to chaperone the participants.

#4. Balloon Bursts

Consider stage this game if your kids are at least 4 years of age. The game is fun and will definitely generate laughter.

How To Balloon Bursts

Write challenges on chit paper and insert the chit into different balloons before you inflate them. To play the game, have the kids bop the balloons in the air while playing some music. Randomly stop/pause the music and the last person to touch the balloon will have to pop it and perform the challenge written on the chit. The challenges could include licking an elbow, dancing, spinning in one place and trying to hit a balloon, etc. Be creative with the challenges and device interesting and fun challenges. 

#5. Paper Boat Race

This game should be played by kids aged five years and above. You only need a tub of water and paper boats.

How to Play Paper Boat Race

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Make a paper boat for every participating kid. Give every kid a straw as well. The kids will use the straws to blow air into the boats while they float in the tub. The objective will be to propel the boat up to the other side. The first person to this wins the game (and a price).

#6. Pin The Tail On The Donkey

This game is age-appropriate for different ages, and it is easy to play anywhere.

How to Play the Game

Set up a picture of a donkey that has no tail. Ask all the participating kids to line-up a distance away from the image of the donkey. After that, give each kid a tail that has their name as well. Blindfold the kids one by one and direct them to the picture of the donkey. Ask them to pin the tail on the donkey as accurately as they can. After every child has pinned their tail, remove the blindfolds and collectively choose the kid who has pinned the tail as close to the correct position as possible.

#7. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs never get old. Importantly, kids of all ages (as well as adults) can play the game.

How to Play Musical Chairs

Set up some chairs in a circle with the seat facing out. The total number of chairs should always be less than the total number of kids playing the game. With the participating kids forming a circle around the chairs, play some music. When the music stops playing, the kids should try and find a chair to sit on immediately. The kid who does not find a chair is out of the game. The game should continue until only one kid is remaining. You can even take things a notch higher by asking the kids to dance while circling the chairs.

Want something different? Then check out this fun Selfie Scavenger Hunt where all you do is take selfies and have fun! 

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