Leave a Lasting Impression by Sending Engineer Christmas Cards the Right Way

Leave a Lasting Impression by Sending Engineer Christmas Cards the Right Way

Whenever you are faced with the question as to whether should you send business engineer Christmas cards to your clients and customers, your answer should always be a yes. This is not only because sending out Christmas cards have become a widely-accepted yearly tradition, but also because when you send out business Christmas cards, this will let your clients or customers know that they are important to your business. This is essential especially when it comes to furthering a business relationship with them. 

But of course, as much as it is about furthering a business relationship as the ultimate goal, you should see to it that you will not put this at risk by offending the recipient of your card. This article will help you in avoiding faux pas when sending out your business Christmas Cards.

The Kind of Engineer Christmas Cards That You Should Send

  • Be sure to send only high-quality Christmas Cards

The quality of the card is going to show, and this quality will also going to be reflective of the sender of the card. So, if you choose to send out cheap Christmas cards, your organization and even yourself may make you look cheap. So, when it comes to buying Christmas cards, see to it that you only choose the best and are at the most reasonable price that you can afford. 

  • If you are an artist, it is better that you send out handmade Christmas cards

If you have the artistic skillset when it comes to making Christmas cards, it is a good idea if you opt for that option by making the Christmas cards on your own. However, if you are just like the rest of us, then sending out handmade Christmas cards may end up on your company to look inept or just too cheap to buy those quality Christmas cards. 

  • Make sure that you send only business Christmas cards that have class

You may be the type who finds sending out Christmas cards with a naked Santa on it funny, but, this is not really the time to be trying things like this just so you can find out as to whether your client has a sense of humor or not. It is better to be safe and just stick to formal themes and messages in order for your business to make the best impression. So you better make sure that you send out those engineering Christmas cards that have been carefully designed.

  • It should be mindful of the religious beliefs of your clients

We all know that not all people are into celebrating Christmas, so if you have a client or customer who is not accustomed of celebrating Christmas because of their different religious beliefs, then you should also be sending out Christmas cards that are going to be appropriate to the beliefs of such client, or you may choose and send to send out a Christmas card that has a more generic holiday them and message which says “Happy Holidays” or just “Season’s Greetings.” 

This way, you will not be putting your company at risk of receiving a bad impression or worse losing a client just because you were not mindful and sensitive enough over your clients’ or customers’ religious beliefs. 

The Right Way of Signing Your Trucking Christmas Cards

Aside from affixing your name inside the business Holiday card, you should also include a handwritten brief personal message. Do not just put in common phrases such as “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” above your signature. It will be good if you try out to extend and personalize the message. Say, for example, you may write in “We at (company name) would like to hope that (year) is going to be the most prosperous year for you.” This is essential because sending out handwritten notes are some of the most powerful follow-ups after having meetings with your prospective clients and customers. 

If your business has a company stamp, it is better and is a convenient way of putting your business information on the inside of the business Christmas cards that you are going to be sending out. You should always place your company information just below your signature.

However, if your business does not have a company stamp, you can just include your business card with your Christmas card. However, since your business card is going to be separated quickly from the Christmas card by the time the recipient opens up your Christmas cards, it is still a great idea to print the name of your business below your signature as well. 

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The Right Way to Address Your Engineer Christmas Cards

It is recommended that you handwrite the address of the recipient on the card’s envelop. This is because when you use computer-generated labels, this can look tacky and will leave an impression that your Christmas cards are looking like a mass mailing. However, if you have so many cards to send out, then you can always get someone else to address the cards for you, just don’t use computer-generated labels. 

It is also important that you always use titles when you address your cards, so if your client is also an engineer, you should always place “Engr” before their names in order to address them correctly. And if you sending them to a couple who have different last names, then then it should recognize them both by putting both of their names plus a “Mr.” and “Ms.” just before their names.

When Sending Your Engineer Christmas Cards

The proper way to send out your engineer Christmas cards is by sending it to your client’s business address unless you really know such a person socially. So, if you are going to be sending out a card to your client’s or customer’s home address, then you should always include the name of the spouse in the address should such client or customer is married. 

The right trick when it comes to sending out Christmas cards is by sending them just in time to arrive during the holiday season. December 15 is a very convenient cut-off date when you send out cards locally. However, if you are to send them internationally, then it is better that you send them on a much earlier date. 

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