Pawsome Birthday Ideas For Dogs

Pawsome Birthday Ideas For Dogs

If your lovely mutt is soon celebrating another year of being on the planet, it’s only right that you want to treat them in the same way you would any other member of your family. Your pooch is your best pal and an integral part of your household. Dogs aren’t simply four-legged lodgers, they are sensitive, caring and loyal companions that you treasure. Now, some people may look at you a little oddly when you state that your weekend will be spent celebrating with your dog as they’ve reached another milestone, but who cares? You know the joys of dog ownership! Read on to discover some pawsome birthday ideas to treat your dog.

Bake A Cake

Yes, you read that right. Every family member deserves a cake for their birthday and your dog is no different. You need to cut out the flour, the sugar, and the butter, but you can still have a cake. It just won’t be fit for human consumption. Instead, decide whether or not your hound has a sweet tooth. If he doesn’t, it’s time to make a banana cake with a touch of cinnamon, some blueberries, an egg or two and some relaxing chamomile. Dogs adore bananas and they are full of antioxidants. As with anything new, give them tiny amounts at a time to make sure that their tummies can cope.

If your mutt is more of a savory canine, cook up a liver cake. Liver, tripe and salmon oil combined can create the perfect storm of nutrition for your mutt. If your four-legged pal is over the age of eight, it might be worthwhile checking out the benefits of glucosamine for dogs and adding a little to the cake. Older pooches can suffer from their joints just like us humans and a supplement like this can aid their stiffness and soreness.

Have A Party

Your friends and family will probably adore your Fido, Buster, Monty or Rover nearly as much as you do. As a member of your family, he probably visits your parents, takes day trips with pals and attends gatherings with you. Invite your pals around and have a party. While primarily a gathering to catch up with pals, you can also treat your mutt to some fuss from his nearest and dearest. Those extra birthday belly rubs and play sessions will have him zonking out for an early bedtime.

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Have A Portrait

Pet portraits are all the rage at the moment. You could have a go yourself, take a cracking selfie, Instagram filter it to the max and then blow it up on the canvas. Or you could take the stress out of perfecting the shot and get a pro on board. They can come to your house and just follow you and your pal for a day. They’ll get a range of candid shots of you playing together and then you can select the one that you want on the canvas. This can then be hung in pride of place in your home.

You love your dog, so why not splash out and celebrate in style when your mutt celebrates his or her next birthday?

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