Protecting Your Eyes from Everyday Hazards

Protecting Your Eyes from Everyday Hazards

Your eyes are important; there’s no denying that. Despite that widely accepted fact, it’s also incredibly easy to take your eyes for granted, which is due at least in part to how unnoticed damage to your vision can go. Additionally, as the modern world has increased the number of screens that you may find yourself looking at daily, either due to a job that requires you to be glued to a screen or just scrolling during your downtime. 

Instances will occur where you’ll find yourself unable to avoid screens or a situation that could be damaging; therefore, the focus should be balancing your time with them effectively. Regardless, it benefits you to be aware of the risks so you can mitigate the potential damage to your eyesight, taking the necessary steps to reduce your exposure to the hazards as they present themselves.

Spending Too Much Time with Screens

This is the big one. With screens just about everywhere you look, it might feel impossible to overcome this problem, especially if you work with screens and are required to use them professionally. Even personally, watching movies or TV, playing video games, scrolling on your phone, all these methods of just relaxing involve fixating your attention on a screen. Awareness of how often you’re using these devices and exposing yourself to these risks is a good start, as you can then start taking regular breaks, making sure you spend a proportionate amount of time looking at other things and adjusting the brightness of your screen and room.

The risks of spending too much time looking at a screen are well-documented; however, the potential damage can be even more severe in children – who are likely to be unaware of any damage their vision has sustained and will therefore be less likely to complain about it. This might be a good time to get your child their first eye exam, identifying and catching any potential problems before they progress.

Practicing Correct Contact Lens Care

Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses for a lot of people; they provide a ‘hands-free’ version of them that can make it feel like you don’t need any vision adjustment at all. However, despite the benefits, mishandling contact lenses could lead them to causing your eyes damage. Sleeping without taking your contacts out is one of the more common areas where this can occur and is easy to remedy – the inconvenience of taking them out when you need to is a small price to pay for the overall convenience of contacts.

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