Do You Really Want To Get Engaged In Front Of Your Family?

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Whenever you are certain that you are with the guy or girl who you want to spend the rest of your life with, you will be thinking about ways to pop the question.

You may want to surprise your significant other by taking him or her to their favorite restaurant and propose then. Or, you may decide to do it when you are enjoying dessert. Maybe you and your partner are the types to keep things simple. Therefore, you may prefer to ask the question at your home or your partner’s home- or at home if you and your significant other live together.

However, one common types of proposals are that many people pop the question in front of their family or friends. Is that something that you can see yourself doing? Does the idea of getting engaged in front of many people intimidate you? Or does it excite you?

Even if you want to do that, you have to think about how your partner would feel. Do you honestly feel your partner would be comfortable with you proposing to them in front of family or even a group of friends?

You also want to make sure that your family approves of your partner. Not that you should allow that to stop you from popping the question. It is your life and your decision with who you want to marry. However, if there are family members who do not care for your partner and you are aware of this fact, then it is a good idea to reconsider the idea.

You may have gotten the idea of proposing in front of your family because you have a good friend who did and their partner was very happy. But you cannot be certain that your partner will have the same reaction, nor will your family members. You can always propose in front of your friends if you are not sure how your family would handle it. Again, would your partner go for that?

If you want to get creative with how you propose to your significant other, you don’t need to propose in front of your family and friends. You can take your partner to somewhere different like a fascinating museum that neither of you has ever been to. You also don’t have to get an engagement ring from the jewelry store. You have the option to design your own custom engagement ring at Allurez if you want to add creativity to the proposal. There really are so many options to choose from whenever it comes to making the environment and setting special when you plan to pop the question.

Do You Really Want To Get Engaged In Front Of Your Family?

That means unless you know for a fact that your partner would be comfortable with you asking them to marry you in front of family- and that you know your family would approve- it is best to propose when you are alone with your partner. Add creativity to it and your partner will be pleasantly surprised! That is what you really want to see happen.



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