6 Things You Must Experience During Pixar Fest at Disneyland #PixarFest

6 Things You Must Experience During Pixar Fest at Disneyland

Disclosure: I went to LA to help cover the #Incredibles2Event, #BigCityGreensEvent, and #PixarFest with 24 other bloggers.  This is an all expensed paid trip by Disney to cover this press event. All opinions are my own.

PixarFest is happening at Disneyland right now!! You have until September 3, 2018, to get there and experience all of the fun that is Pixar Fest 2018.  Even though I am only picking 6 believe me there are so many more awesome things to experience.

What would be your favorite?

6. Fun Rides You Want to Experience While at Pixar Fest

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters is one of my most favorite rides at Disneyland.  I may not beat my partner very much but I always have fun trying!

Another ride I enjoy is “It’s a Small World” and it now includes Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye from “Toy Story” are among the many toys and dolls found in this classic attraction. You can enjoy the video above if you love this ride OR if you have never been on it before and would like to experience it.

Things to Experience During PixarFest at Disneyland

5.  Make sure you visit Alien Pizza in Tomorrowland!

We enjoyed some delicious pizzas, salads, breadsticks, and Alien Parfait.  I actually had the Vegetable Pizza slice and it was soooo good.  They also have a cheeseburger pizza slice which I was told was delicious.

Pixar Fest Parfait
Image Credit: lovebugsandpostcards.com (Coralie Hughes Seright)

Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait which is a non-dairy soft serve ice cream and blue-raspberry frozen beverage. (above)

Heidi Gray from (lifewithheidi.com) enjoying her lemon flavored non-dairy treat.

4.  My Oh My the Pixar Fest Treats…..

So many wonderful treats are out for Pixar Fest.  You will have to make sure you try at least one of each, even if you share with someone else.  They have added a couple new treats that you will want to dive into!

The Celebration Cake was one of my favorites to sample.  It was delicious and so eye-catching.  They drew the inspiration from the famous Pixar Ball.  Eye-catching is an understatement with the layers of yellow vanilla cake, blue raspberry cake and red velvet cake with a raspberry puree and vanilla frosting, then topped with a chocolate Pixar Ball.  It is available at the Plaza Inn at Disneyland Park and the Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta at the Disney California Adventure Park.

Pixar Fest treats

3.  Don’t miss the “Pixar Play Parade”.


For the first time, “Pixar Play Parade” makes its way through Disneyland Park. Also new you will enjoy seeing the iconic Pixar Lamp and Pixar Ball from the original short, “Luxo Jr.” leading the parade and guests are greeted by some favorite Pixar pals, Russell, Kevin, Dug, and Carl Fredricksen from “Up,” along with Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong from “Inside Out.” There was so much going on during the parade with the music, dancing, and characters it made me wonder what was coming next.

6 Things You Must Experience During Pixar Fest at Disneyland

Bubbles were floating through the air from the street lamps which added to the magical effects.  There is just something about being at Disneyland that makes you feel like a young kid all over again.

Things to Experience During PixarFest at Disneyland

2. Stay late enough to enjoy the “Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular”

I have seen MANY fireworks displays throughout my life but this was by far the most amazing firework display EVER.  It truly earns its name of a nighttime spectacular. Between the fantastic fireworks and the picture/videos set against the beautiful castle, they really outdid themselves.

Things to Experience During PixarFest at Disneyland

Video below courtesy of Heidi from “Life With Heidi”  of the AMAZ-ing fireworks.

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1. Visit Edna Mode at Pixar Pier. 

With Incredibles 2 coming out June 15, you will want to visit Edna Mode while you are at Pixar Fest.

Things to Experience During PixarFest at Disneyland

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Purchase your Pixar Fest tickets now because it is only available from April 13, 2018 through September 3, 2018.

Be sure to watch for the newest edition to the rides that is going to be Incredible! The Incredicoaster will open on June 23rd

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Remember you need to experience Pixar Fest by 9/3/2018 to enjoy all that is being offered!


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