Should Tucson Be A Role Model For CBD Laws


Any product derived from hemp plants in Tucson is legal. CBD hemp oil is legal. Products with trace THC and high CBD have maintained their legal status since 2014. A favorable ruling at that time determined their properties were beneficial in the health aspect. The exception to that rule is that cannabis and all other derivatives would remain classified as Schedule I substances and, therefore, illegal.  

CBD oil enjoys massive popularity in Tucson, with its people having significant enthusiasm for the compound and what they perceive as its benefits. The courts have officially acknowledged in their capacity that the drug is safe for consumption, and they deem it as being both medicinal and therapeutic with its properties. 

Should Other States Look To Tucson For Their CBD Laws?

CBD or cannabidiol offers merely trace levels of THC, deeming it non psychoactive and incapable of producing intoxicating effects as marijuana does. The products are readily available online, look at this page, and in a variety of brick and mortar establishments throughout Tucson. Among the most popular items people choose in the area are:

  • Vaporizer oils
  • Edibles
  • Patches for muscle relaxing
  • Topicals including skin creams
  • Tinctures

The legal framework created by the state to sell these items began when a judge was inspired by one family’s use of the substances to treat their epileptic child and the success that they saw in reducing his seizures. Legalization came shortly after allowing for more research and greater access for others to benefit from its use. 

Several studies have since boasted CBD properties consistent for assisting with symptoms associated with a variety of health conditions, including anti-inflammatory, pain reduction, and mood disorders. Many doctors and scientists stand behind the potential benefits that CBD offers. With consumption, patients can enjoy a much more exceptional quality of life. 

When the products are difficult to obtain, though, due to legal ramifications, people are forced to buy from the black market where the products are subpar, or they are left with prescription pharmaceuticals. These often produce harsh adverse effects based on the fact that they’re all chemically-laden. 

CBD oil is an all-natural, organic, non-toxic product that produces few side effects, if any at all. Tucson has the right idea and proves to be an example for which other states need to pay attention. To learn details about the legalities in Arizona go to .

Buying Cannabis In Its Various Forms In Tucson

Before possession and consumption of cannabis in its various forms were legalized, the only method of purchase was from suppliers in the overseas markets. Now that it is gaining acclaim for what it has the potential to do, several companies opened within the United States.

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It’s critical to be wary of the quality of the products you’re shopping to ensure you don’t receive ingredients inclusive of toxins, metals, or heavy chemicals. With the substances not being regulated and anyone being able to manufacture them, it is possible to come upon an inferior supplier. This is why research and educating yourself on the products is a must.

In Arizona, there are merely two ways that you can buy the compound, either locally or online. It would be best if you either opted for a dispensary or a licensed supplier. These companies who sell need to meet a certain standard to be deemed a reputable resource. You should find someone who:

  • Offers transparency regarding lab test results for each individual CBD item provided on the site.
  • Use, ideally, CO2, an adequate extraction that will produce the appropriate oils.
  • The oils should come from the highest grade of the industrial hemp plants (organic).
  • There should be exemplary customer support, a concise shipping policy, and returns offered on your purchases.
  • A broad range of offerings.

The laws in Tucson are not restrictive. They are very much for the average person interested in safe, natural alternatives to the pharmaceutical industry. At least that’s how it is now. 

The cannabis industry changes at the drop of a hat, every day. What’s legal today could turn tomorrow, and what’s illegal tomorrow could be approved the next day. You need to always stay one step ahead in your education on the subject.

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