Some of the Most Common Pests and Bugs Found In Arizona That You Must Be Aware Of


Most of the people love to live in Arizona, as it is full of sunshine and the weather is quite pleasant throughout the year. It is blessed with natural beauty, which attracts people from across the world. 

If you are moving to Arizona, then there are few things that you need to be aware of. Just like humans, plenty of pests and bugs seem to love Arizona, and hence you need to take regular help from any pest control companies to remain safe from a few of the dangerous pests and bugs.

Following are few pests and bugs that are commonly found in Arizona.

1. Termites

You can find plenty of termites who have built their underground colony in Arizona and usually they will use mud and other debris for building tubes through which they will reach to woods above the ground even at your home too.

For pretty long time, they remain totally undetected.

2. Ants

Not only in Arizona, but also in many other parts of the USA, ants can be found. Fire ants are the species which are most damaging and also have painful sting. Carpenter ants can form tunnel and nest in damp areas like bathroom or kitchen.

3. Cockroaches

In Arizona, you can find many species of cockroaches and they can carry germs too. There are 5 different varieties of cockroaches and out of them 2 varieties can make home in your premises.

It is difficult to drive them out and they can survive on human as well as pet foods.

4. Tarantulas

Usually, tarantulas may not enter home, but they are frequently spotted outdoors in the Tucson area. Though they may not be too dangerous, if they bite then it can be quite painful and people usually are afraid because of their large size.

5. Scorpions

Usually, scorpions of all varieties are considered venomous and most of them sting which is no worse than bee sting. 

However, most people still do not want scorpions in their homes. Even the smallest species of Arizona scorpion can be most dangerous which is known as bark scorpion.

6. Ticks

There are more than 25 different species of ticks that can be found in Arizona. Though average humans may come in contact with only few of them. 

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Most common ticks are the brown dog tick that you can see inside your home. While preferred hosts of ticks are dogs, but these ticks can also feed on humans.

7. Bees and wasps

In Arizona, bees and wasps can be commonly seen, especially during summer months. Some of them can be solitary, but few others live in larger colonies. 

Usually, they are more annoying than really dangerous, however allergies due to them are not very uncommon.

8. Bed bugs

You can find bed bugs in hotels, homes, dorms, and all other places of the US. Though they may not be dangerous, but can be too itchy and produce uncomfortable rash as they bite. 

It is really very difficult to get rid of them and they hitchhike from one place to another.

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