Summer Survival – Preparing Your Garden For Hot Weather

Summer Survival - Preparing Your Garden For Hot Weather

Whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere, the summer heatwave can often be tougher on gardens than they are on people. Considering the fact that a majority of garden plants are made up of up to 90% water, one can only imagine how thirsty they might get in the summertime. This is why it is so important that any good gardener take preventative measures before the heat hits, in a bid to ensure the health and wellness of your garden even in the most extreme of conditions. In this article, we will look into the steps you can take to shield your plants from the sweltering heat, so read on to find out more.

  1. Water, Water, Water!The first and most important step to take to prepare a garden for hot weather is to ensure a constant supply of water. A rule of thumb when tending to a garden in hot weather is to water your plants during the coolest time of the day, preferably in the early morning to avoid the risk of fungi and other mildew attacking your leaves. In the summertime, your plants will need a little more water than they do during the cooler seasons. If you don’t have the luxury of free time to manually tend to your garden, we highly recommend investing in good irrigation supplies. SunshowerOnline supply quality irrigation supplies and there is sure to be a variety of options out there to suit your needs. An automated irrigation system can help ensure that plants are being watered at the same time every day, even if you have to leave for work early. Other options are harvesting rainwater or manual watering, so choose what fits your lifestyle the best!
  2. Apply A Layer Of MulchOne of the best things you can do for your garden in summer is to apply a layer of mulch to it. Mulch plays an important role in conserving soil moisture, improving fertility and health of the soil and helps immensely in the summertime as it offers a protective barrier to your soil from the harsh rays. Mulch is available in materials such as pine bark chips, sugar cane, pea straw, and pebbles. Always ensure that your mulch is applied at a depth of around 7-10 cm and keep topping this up throughout the weeks to maintain depth
  3.  Provide Your Plants With NutrientsAside from a generous dose of water, your plants will also need sufficient nutrients to keep healthy in the sweltering heat. Avoid mineral deficiencies by applying soluble fertilizers with added seaweed, or heading to your local hardware store to purchase fertilizers meant specifically for your breed of plants. Watering in potash is also a fantastic way to ensure your plants are kept healthy, as the potassium will help in improving the quality of your flowers, and fruit.

          If you don’t know how to do the potash watering call up Encinitas garden care services and ask them for their     free guides.

  1. Look Out For Garden PestsIt is no secret that the critters like to come out and play when the sun is out, which is why ensuring that your garden is kept safe from critters in the summer is essential. One of the things to look out for in specific when it is hot out is termites. Their activity increases when the overall moisture and warmth of soil increases and they can live in wooden garden tools, woodchip and any other timber based materials you may have around the garden. It is important that you keep your garden free of termites as an infestation can be disastrous in the long run, not just to your garden but to your home as well.
  2.  Create Shade CoversSome plants and vegetables will need shade covers to protect them from the harsh rays of the sun. Shade covers come in a number of various material, from cloth to window screens to snow fencing. Many varieties of veggies, such as Squash and Beans, will almost definitely require some added shade, so keep this in mind if you’re someone who loves growing your own produce. Alternatively, you can also plant a deciduous tree to create shade for your other plants.  
  3.  Create A Low Maintenance Garden 

    Last but not least, if you are someone who is on the go all day long and doesn’t have the time to tend to a garden, we highly recommend you planting greenery such as succulents and cacti which are extremely low maintenance and suited to dry conditions. This way, your garden is drought tolerant but still fantastic to look at. Even better, you’ll barely have to tend to it so you’ll be saving yourself immense amounts of time.


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We hope that this article has given you some valuable insight into how you can easily prepare your garden for hot weather.

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