The Best Tips to Online Casino Heaven

Online Casino Heaven

This year is sure not shaping up to be an easy one, with everyday tasks suddenly becoming a whole lot more complicated. It is a good chance to be spending more time at home though, and earning some extra pocket money online is a great idea, even if it is getter harder to find a good casino to play. But if you follow our advice, you just may discover finding a new casino 2021 is the easiest task so far. It beats trying to book a flight, that’s for sure!

By following our top tips, you won’t just be playing at better casinos, you may find yourself winning a little more too. And we’re sure there’s plenty of things to spend your money on, stuck in the house or not.

  • Ensure the Site is a Licensed Casino

This has to be your main priority as although the whole online casino industry is a lot safer than it was a decade ago, you just can’t be too safe. Casino licenses are issued by governing bodies that control and regulate the industry for that jurisdiction and some are easier to get than others.

Whilst any license is better than none, pay special attention to those that have been issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, Kahnawake Gambling Commission or Gibraltar Gaming Commission. These are known to have strict criteria attached so only the safest and most reputable casinos will apply. 

If you’re not sure which licence a casino has, just scroll down the homepage and if it isn’t proudly displayed at the bottom, they don’t have one!

  • Work out What you Want

Maybe blackjack is your thing, so find sites that have plenty of options. Usually play on your mobile? Ensure their games are all mobile-friendly. No patience when it comes to collecting your winnings? Find out the pending time of withdrawals.

Knowing your pet peeves and then scrapping the ones that don’t add up will help you narrow down your options. And with so many choices, you really don’t need to compromise.

  • Shop Around

The joy of online casinos is that it’s completely free to sign up and register an account. You don’t have to start investing that hard-earned coin of yours until you’ve found that perfect fit. So be a Cinderella and play the field.

You’ll often get an immediate feel for a site that is your jam, likewise if it’s not. Many now try to compete by standing out from the crowd so you’ll know if the shoe doesn’t fit. Check out their T&C’s, see what customer service they’ve got (even contact them and see how they reply) and work out if their games are quantity, quality or a good mix.

You’re only allowed one account with each site, but you can have thousands of sites that you’re registered with. If it’s not good, move on.

  • Bonuses = Free Money?

Many players, especially at the beginning, get sucked in by the huge sums of free money they can get from welcome offers. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for it, just remember that there is always a catch so ensure it’s worth it.

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If a generous welcome offer promises you hundreds just for depositing a couple of your own, just remember that little thing called wagering. Because if you hit it rich only to find that you need to play the winnings through 50x, and it’s not just your bonus but also your deposit, you may be spinning those slots for the next 36 hours!

Just weigh it up; if you don’t play that much, maybe that welcome offer isn’t for you. Especially if your favourite slot doesn’t count towards that wagering.

  • Do Your Research

You wouldn’t book a holiday to somewhere you’d never heard of or buy a car that you’ve never seen, so spend some time checking out what the industry standards are and which casinos are in line.

Did you know that licenses from Curacao are basically just buying a piece of paper? Or that sometimes you will have to wait months to receive your payout if it’s given in instalments? Horror stories are few and far between but they’re not always urban legend.

Yes, it sometimes takes a bit of time, but it may just be as simple as checking out some of the reputable review sites out there. You’ll be more than glad you did.

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