The Complete Repair Checklist for Your Big Spring Clean


Spring cleaning is more than just airing out your home on the first warm enough day. It is more than going through and tidying up. A proper spring clean involves maintenance and repair. 

Every year your home goes through hardship. This hardship puts pressure on its foundation and fights to worm its way inside your home. It comes from the outside. It comes from the inside. 

It is good old wear and tear. 

From your roof to your air conditioning, here is the complete repair checklist to tackle during your big spring clean: 

Your Roof 

Some areas are going to be challenging to get to, but they are worthwhile. Your roof, for example, will need you to go into the attic to inspect it. Go in first without a flashlight to see if any light is leaking through, then use light to inspect the quality of your roof. If there is any bending, water leak, or mold, then you need to bring in a great roofing company to fix your roof and get it back up to standard. 

Your Air Filtration System 

Your HVAC unit and ducts should be cleaned, repaired, and maintained at least twice a year. This way, you can keep it running effectively and reduce particle distribution throughout your home. 

Your Heating and Cooling Systems

If your heating and cooling systems are separate, then you will need to check them both individually. Even if you have been using your heating all winter, we do not often bother to check all the vents or radiators for quality. Do this now and make note if one radiator or vent is not as hot or blowing as much air as the others, as this needs to be fixed now. 

The same applies to your air conditioning if it is not a part of your central system. Turn on your air conditioning unit, check its state, and deep clean it.

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Your Appliances 

You will use your appliances regularly, so you should have a good idea of whether any need a repair. That is fine, but during your big spring clean, you will want to properly maintain them. Deep clean your washing machine, clean out the filters, wipe down your fridge, defrost your freezer – these are the actions that will keep your home’s appliances working well throughout the year. 

Your Foundations 

Start from the top and end at the bottom. Have a quick check around your basement and foundations for any cracks, water damage, leaks, or other noticeable damage. If there is a crack, it could be nothing, or it could be severe. Having someone come in to inspect the issue and determine the cause is critical for your health and safety and should not be put off. Even if it does require a repair, it is better to fix an issue early on, before it gets out of hand. 

Going through this repair checklist will help you spot issues in their infancy, and maintain your home in such a way that everything, from your toaster to your air conditioning, will last longer and provide better support to your everyday life. 

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