The Ultimate Winter Fashion and Style Guide

Many of us have been longing to get all dolled up and enjoy the winter festivities for the past two winters or so. Unfortunately, the pandemic sucked away the winter fashion fun, with many of us being under lockdowns and isolations. However, as the world has now moved towards a bit of normalcy, the excitement level for this winter is much more. So here are some fun ideas to style up for yourself this winter. 

Layer Up Smartly

The cold weather means that it will eliminate any skin show from your fashion statement for the next few months. It would help if you layered up to protect yourself from the harsh weather. The intensity of your layering will depend on how cold it is where you live. However, if you are upset that layering will ruin your fashionista image, you need not worry. You need to learn to layer yourself smartly. Wear sleeveless, skin-tight thermal inners for freezing temperatures. Top it up with a brighter top in wool or velvet. Your top-most layer can be anything from a cool hoodie to a classy coat, depending on what fits your persona.

Embrace Textures

Say goodbye to those cotton dresses for some time and enjoy the new textures. They are not only great for the weather but can be very fun to wear. Experiment with different surfaces such as velvet, other knitwear, wool, faux fur, and leather. A good mix of textures and vibrant colors can make you stand out. 

Elegance with Long Coats

Thanks to the growing rage of fusion fashion, long coats are the trendiest thing this winter. So if your style statement is chic and elegant, long coats are the perfect pick. Fashion houses are filled with tons of straight-cut and flared long coats, which are ideal for all body types. They can be worn anywhere from college to the workplace to an evening dinner and are the safest yet hottest pick this season. So make sure you have at least one of these beauties in your closet this winter.

Flaunt Them Boots

If you are pairing your woolen sweater with a skirt or wearing a short woolen dress with a long coat, complete your look with a pair of classy long boots. The class that long boots add to your winter look is nothing less than a Hollywood Diva. Besides looking sharp, leather boots are also a great lifesaver in super cold temperatures.

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Easy On the Makeup

One of the good things about winters is that you will not be dealing with sweat and humidity at this time of the year. This means that you do not need to cake up with powder and other cosmetics to avoid looking greasy. Instead, it is the best time to let your skin breathe and flaunt the bare-skin look. There are tons of easy makeup looks that you can find online. One of the quickest and simplest ways is to add a drop of liquid illuminator to your moisturizer and apply it followed by a concealer. Next, dab on some cheek tint, complement lip gloss, and finish the look with mascara.  


Winter is an excellent time to add that extra oomph factor to your look. Finish your face with fun headgear such as a hat or a headscarf, or take a wrap or a muffler around your neck. 

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