Things to Add in a Care Package for a Friend


Everyone seems to be trying to cope with various things in their life. In times of struggles with our selves or the world, we desire for care and comfort from people close to us. As a friend or family close to the person, you want to do something to make the person’s struggle ease away. Talking would mean a lot to a person but, having a busy schedule and staying far from each other, the best way to show your comfort and create a safe environment for an individual is by sending a customized care package. 

Be sure to make it personal and reflect the comfort you are trying to show, its a form of communicating to the person that you are here for them and hope that your gift makes them feel better. You can’t possibly put happiness into one small box, but it sure is going to make them feel better as they would know that you thought about them and care. 

Some of the things that you can add in a care package are :

  • A scented Candle – The first item that you could put in a box can be a scented candle. A scented candle, preferably one with lavender scent or any scent that is soothing and calming. The smell and the light from the candle would be quite helpful to soothe one’s nerves. 
  • Food – It could make someone happy, something known as comfort food. The best choice to add something the other person loves, chocolates and candies are too mainstream, maybe some snacks that both of you often have. Pack food that reminds them of home and safety while another thing could be you making something for them and packing it in the care package. 
  • Photos and letters – Write to them, written notes have a loving effect that shows that you put in the effort and thought of them while putting this box together. Be creative in adding inside jokes and add pictures to make them remember the happy times they have had. Through this, they will get the strength that these are just grey clouds going to pass for the sun to shine again. 
  • Books or other entertainment – Add a good book for them to read, the book can depend on the kind of person you are sending the package. If you feel they require motivation, add a motivational book then, or if they like history, or gaming, or anything that interests them, add that sort of book. Besides this, you can add a game – jigsaw puzzle, sudoku, etc. You know the person better than anyone else, so add what you feel will please them. Trust yourself, add objects the person would genuinely love, and make it as intimate as possible. 

Final Thoughts 

Care package should show your bond, these are gift ideas, but you need to add your personal touch to it. Also do remember that it’s just not the box, take out time to talk to them and spend some time with them. If distance separates, you use technology to feel connected.

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