Top 5 Ways to Make Easy Money Online


It is no secret that white-collar workers are looking for alternative ways to make money online. A traditional 9-5 cubicle job can be boring in the long run. Luckily, in 2020 there are several ways to make money online.

You can work from a cafe, a hip co-working space in your neighborhood, or from an airport lounge while waiting for your next flight. In this post, I have shared five easy ways to make money online.

Here Are the Top 5 Ways to Make Easy Money Online

1. Play Online Poker

Unlike with luck-based gambling games, winning money playing online poker depends entirely on your intellect. It’s true that competition is rising and you need to come with new and innovative strategies, but the number of poker platforms has risen as well.

If you feel like you have an edge over other players, sign-up for free with an online casino and get your journey started. shares tips and tricks for wannabe online poker players.

2. Participate in Online Surveys

Filling up an online survey is probably the easiest way to earn money online. You don’t need any skill and there are no targets. To get started, all you have to do is sign-up with a site like Swagbucks or Rakuten, fill out the profile form, and begin giving your opinions on products, websites, and services. However, you will earn just enough to pay for your next coffee and breakfast. Opinieland is a great online survey platform. Check Opinieland review on before taking the plunge.

3. Sell Images Online

Are you good at photography? Or maybe you have a knack for image editing? Websites like Adobe Stock and Getty Images are offering decent value for high-quality stock images. You don’t even have to worry about selling to marketing. There is more than one way to earn money. Some websites also pay you per download. Find keywords that have a high search volume and create images around that particular subject.

4. Write and Publish a Kindle eBook

Kindle Direct Publishing has made publishing a book easier than ever. You don’t have to convince a publishing house to market your book. All you have to do is write a book, have it proofread by an expert, format it into an ebook, create an amazing book cover, and upload the copy on Amazon Kindle.

There are numerous websites (Kotobee, Calibre eBook Management, Sigil eBook, etc) where you can get the formatting done for a few dollars. Some also offer affordable proofreading services. The book will sell if it is based on a trending topic.

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5. Buy and Sell Domain Names

Buying and selling domain names would be a good business idea if you are looking for 100 percent passive income. Domain name registration is the process of reserving a domain name, which identifies a website, and making it official. In case you didn’t know, a domain name is just a website address (like or

Search for a catchy domain name, check for availability on Namecheap or GoDaddy and buy it for as less as $0.99. Later, you can list it on for sale at a higher price.


One of the biggest advantages of making money online is that you can set your own schedule and do not have to answer to a boss. You can set your own deadlines and achieve them as you please. Your income won’t be capped by someone else.

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