Tips for Budget-friendly Travel to Norway

Tips for Budget-friendly Travel to Norway

Norway is undoubtedly an amazing place to visit and an increasingly trendy and popular destination for travelers. Scandi-chic is huge everywhere, and travelers are increasingly looking beyond well-known destinations like Copenhagen to discover the most exciting holiday experiences possible. 

Norway offers a remarkable amount of magical sights and incredible attractions, but it does have a reputation as the most expensive Scandanavian country to visit, which is saying something! While it is true that Norway can be an expensive place to be, there are a whole host of ways to enjoy this fantastic county without spending your life savings, and loads of ways to make a trip to Norway more budget-friendly. Read on for a few ideas to give you a bit of inspiration.

Getting there

One of the great things about Norway for travelers looking to keep costs down is getting there is not at all expensive. Flights to Oslo from across Europe are usually very reasonable, and Norwegian Air itself offers great flights from around the world. Organizing your travel well in advance, and avoiding the high season (May through August for most of the country, and December through March if you are traveling to see the Northern Lights) will bring the costs way down.

One extremely cost-effective way of getting to Norway and seeing the sights is to go on a cruise. Taking a cruise to Norway is one way to travel hassle-free, and avoid paying extortionate prices for hotels, restaurants and so on, while cramming in loads of attractions along the way.

Things to do

Once you are there, there are a surprising number of awesome things to do for free! Starting off in Oslo, many of the main attractions don’t cost a thing, so take full advantage. See the fascinating murals in the City Hall, take in the views from the roof of the beautiful Opera House, or take a picturesque walk up the Akerselva river. There are also a bunch of free museums to see, like the Museum of Oslo, and the National Gallery is free on Thursdays.

Although Oslo is a draw, most travelers come to Norway for the wild, untamed landscapes and incredible wildlife that still exists in the forests, skies, and seas of this remarkable country. The natural wonders of Norway are its best features, and they are completely free! Hiking along the Bergen fjords, wild camping, bird watching, and even just strolling around the picture-perfect streets of most Norwegian towns and cities are all superb experiences that will leave your wallet untouched. 

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Eating and drinking

There is no getting away from it, eating out and drinking in bars and pubs in Norway comes at a high price. Try and buy your food from supermarkets as much as possible, cook for yourself, and stock up on snacks and packed lunches if you are going hiking. Alcohol is expensive, even in the Vinmonopolet, so bringing your own supplies from home, or even from duty-free shops, is advisable.

Norway can be expensive, but there are ways to stick to a budget while you are there, and a huge amount of amazing things to see and once-in-a-lifetime experiences to do for free. With a little research and forward planning, a holiday in Norway shouldn’t have to break the bank!


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