Use Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” to Promote Your Business

Use Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” to Promote Your Business

Social media is one of the greatest marketing tools of current times. Knowing how to take advantage of this can help you generate business with little investment. One of the proactive mediums is Reddit.

You can use it as a medium to promote your content or business, and it can help cause a spike in your traffic in a short period. It can take as little as two hours or so, or as long as a day to see the difference, granted you do it right.

One of the ways to gain exposure on Reddit is to host an Ask Me Anything or AMA event. It is a great and trendy way to get effective engagement and market your business online.

Here are a few tips to make the most of this:

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  • Do not go overboard: One thing that businesses often mess up when on social media is that they go overboard with the promotion. If every answer and everything you say is going to have a mention of your business, it is going to be a turn off for many people. It can easily get annoying and turn people away. 

Make sure to only drop a link to your website or your products in the post description and only talk about it in relevant answers.

  • Be honest and open when answering questions: Building upon the above-mentioned point, you cannot be talking about your business in every answer. So, make a genuine attempt to answer all the questions. Be as open and honest with your answers as possible. Honesty is always appreciated; your efforts will make your followers check out your business.
  • Answer the majority of the questions: Plan your time when you are hosting an AMA. You have to be ready to spend a few hours on it. Try to answer as many questions as you can. Some AMAs are flooded with a plethora of questions. Be ready to answer the maximum of them.
  • Narrow down your niche: While it is tempting to reach a wider audience base and post details about your AMA in the main subreddit for AMA, I, as well as many, would recommend narrowing down on your niche. Search for a more relevant subreddit for your business. This helps you connect with people who are interested in what you have to offer.
  • Reach out to the moderator: Make sure to reach out and get in touch with the moderator for the subreddit you are targeting. Let them know about the day and time when you will be hosting your AMA. They will help you plan things out and also get the message out to your targeted audience.

Final Thoughts

Reddit is a great tool with many active users. You can get a high level of engagement on Reddit. Make sure to research well and be ready to invest time and energy into answering questions. Try to give genuine answers to make it a success.

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