Vintage Touches to Lift Up Your Bathroom

Vintage Touches to Lift Up Your Bathroom 100%

Giving your home a vintage look is something you can do in every room. However, the bathroom can be a neglected space, and you might not consider making it particularly attractive. Bathrooms deserve love too, and working on your bathroom interiors can give you a chance to look at your bathroom in a new light. A vintage bathroom doesn’t have to be old-fashioned. It can still have modern conveniences but feature some vintage touches that give it a unique look. Try some of the following ideas if you want to give your bathroom more of a vintage feel.

Get an Ornate Mirror

The bathroom mirror is often a focal point of the room. Mirrors are excellent for making spaces look bigger, so they’re often crucial in the bathroom, which is usually one of the smallest spaces in the house. There are many beautiful vintage styles you can select for your mirror, no matter what period you want to emulate. You could have anything from an ornate Victorian frame to a 1950s starlet lightbulb mirror. A bathroom mirror traditionally goes over the sink or vanity, but it could be displayed elsewhere if you wanted to do anything different.

Add a Clawfoot Tub

Showers might be fast, convenient and eco-friendly, but there’s something romantic about a bathtub. They’re particularly pleasing when they have a vintage design, rather than being cold and contemporary. Clawfoot tubs are classic, and you can discover a range of beautiful styles. You can see more at The Tub Connection if you’re looking for inspiration for a new tub for your bathroom. Clawfoot tubs are usually more suited to larger bathrooms because they tend to be freestanding, and they look amazing in the middle of a room. But they can be combined with showers to save space if you need to.

Have Some Antique Statement Furniture

Not everyone thinks of putting extra pieces of furniture in their bathroom, but it can offer a great vintage effect. Everyone has been in the bathroom of a posh bar or restaurant, where there’s a seating area or even an ornate water feature. Consider adding something like a Louis XIV chair that can act as a statement piece. It can serve a practical purpose, offering somewhere to put towels or clothes, or even somewhere to sit while bathing the kids. But it’s also an attractive feature to add to your vintage bathroom.

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Wallpapering a bathroom might not be your first instinct, but it can offer an amazing vintage effect if you want to do something different. You can choose a wallpaper that’s designed for bathrooms so that it can survive steam and other moisture that might affect it. You can consider a floral pattern, some metallic detailing or any other vintage design that you think would suit your vision for your bathroom. You don’t have to wallpaper the entire room, especially if you think it might make it look smaller.

Design your perfect vintage bathroom by adding some vintage features that make a statement.

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