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Hiring new personnel is a very time-consuming task. It takes about a month to find the perfect person for a role that needs to be filled; time that could be used to do something productive. Apart from consuming time, it consumes money. The cost of advertising is not cheap, and money would also be spent on the interview process. And upon all this, HR might end up choosing someone that does not really fit the job. This is when staffing agencies come in. For context, have a look at https://www.is-t.net/staffing/retained-search.

Staffing agencies are organizations that act as middlemen between an organization and potential employees. They work to match employers with employees right for the role they are looking for. They can be used in finding long-term employees, short-term employees, and they offer a versatile service, catering to various industries, including law, medicine, finance and accounting, and so on. Many employers are skeptical about the use of staffing agencies, but there are various advantages to using them. One of such advantages is that they save the time and money that would otherwise be expended in the hiring process. Plus, they have the expertise and are very good at finding the right candidates for the role you want. It also greatly increases the flexibility of your organization and reduces the risk of hiring on your part. Staffing agencies have proven over and over again that they are up to the task of matching organizations with the right staff.

Process of hiring through an IT staffing agency

The process of hiring through a staffing agency is simple. They typically charge at reasonable prices and offer ease of workload on the organization’s part. The process of hiring through a staffing agency is easy. It takes lesser time and it has greater rewards. The process goes thus:

The organization hires the agency

The organization first contacts the agency and hires them. Usually, staffing agencies that cater to the field the organizations specify in are deliberately chosen. When this happens, details on the role(s) that is to be filled are communicated. This helps to give the agency a boundary they can work with and a guide through which they can hire.

The staffing agency creates the job description or reaches out to candidates they think might be a good fit

Staffing agencies have personnel that is adept at job hiring. The next step after being contacted by the organization is to write a job description and spread it out so interested parties may apply. They also have a network of candidates ready and perfect for the role the organization seeks, that they might decide to reach into.

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The agency vets the candidates

In this process, the agency eliminates candidates that would be deemed not fit for the role(s). They do this by comparing and analyzing various aspects like qualifications, education, Curriculum Vitae, etc.

They come back to the organization for the ultimate decision

When they are done with vetting the candidates and have considerably reduced the pool. They come back to the organization that hired them so that the final decision can be made. At the end of the day, hiring power rests with the organization, and the staffing agency is just there to do paperwork. This saves time and effort on the employers’ part that could be otherwise spent somewhere else.

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