What Makes a Home Peaceful?

What Makes a Home Peaceful?

When it comes to our homes, we tend to focus on what looks good, the proximity to life’s essentials such as schools and the like, and how well they mesh with our financial situation. But there’s another side to our properties, aspects which are less quantifiable and less visual, more feeling. With the world outside sometimes so stressful and manic, we need to ensure that our properties are peaceful. While, of course, the best way to find peace is to build it within, it’s also true that are external environment contributes significantly to how content we are. Below, we take a look at a few tips that will make your home more peaceful.

Calm Tones

When it comes to decorating your property, keep in mind that it’s going to have an influence on how at peace you are. There are some colors that are agitators, others that put you into a mellow frame of mind. If you’re surrounded by the color red, something under the hood in your body will respond, and not in a peaceful way. So look at adding calming tones, such as white and yellow, into your decor. You could also feed the peaceful side of your home by adding calming incense and fragrances. These will all work on a deeper level — you can’t measure them, but they’re putting you more at peace. 

Feeling Secure

To feel truly at peace, you need to know that you’re secure from the outside world. You wouldn’t be able to relax in nature if you’re aware that a predator was lurking around the corner. The same principle applies to your home. When you’re inside, you need to be sure that no-one can come in from the outside world. So take a look at upping the security of your property. A locksmith will be able to install a robust locking system that’s hard to penetrate. A fence and a hedge will make your home less appealing to would-be criminals, as will ensure that your home is well-lit. 


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Our surroundings will have an influence on our state of mind. If you’re surrounded by clutter, then so will your mind. One of the reasons why minimalism became so popular was that it offered a workable antidote to the mania of the outside world, which is outside our control. So take a look at simplifying your property. A decluttering session will do wonders, for example. Keep material items to a minimum, make sure things are well organized and clean, and you’ll be on your way. 

Music and Laughter

Sometimes, we just need the good things in life to keep stress at bay. A home filled with music, laughter, and warmth will feel much more peaceful than one that’s cold and quiet. So bring the joy — it will help. Beyond that, it’s all about actively reducing the things that reduce your peace. Too much external noise, for example, will disrupt the vibe. Soundproof your home, and it’ll become your own little peaceful sanctuary from the outside world. 

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  • These are great tips, thank you so much for sharing! I love having a cozy and peaceful home, it should be a place you can’t wait to be. 🙂

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