Yogi Presents

Yogi Presents

Friends or relatives who practice yoga are perfect people in terms of presents giving. Firstly, they are usually happy and grateful to receive gifts. Secondly, if you know that they do yoga, you can always buy something useful for them. Yoga, being the science of body and mind wellness and balance, is self-sufficient as an activity, but most people prefer to practice it inconvenient clothes, on convenient mats, using essential oils for relaxation and nice semi-precious stones beads for meditation. So, you have almost an unlimited number of options to make a valuable present.

Yogi Presents

The Most Popular Items

Basically, if you look for a present to your friend or relative who practices yoga, the simplest way is to go to a specialized shop or visit a website and buy just “something” for yoga. In the shop, you can ask the vendor to help you. On websites, the best idea is to check the reviews. You can buy random presents marked as “the most popular”, for example. One of such presents is a yogi surprise box. Such box contains different items that are usually used and liked by the yoga practitioners. To check what can be in the box, you can watch the yogi surprise box review and they decide whether you want to buy it. On the other hand, you can choose a more complicated way of picking a present, if you definitely know what to buy.

yogi presents


The most popular items usually needed for yoga practice are:

  • yoga mats
  • yoga blocks
  • clothes
  • socks with rubber soles
  • a string of beads for mantra reading
  • candles
  • oil warmer or essential oils diffuser
  • hairpins
  • headbands
  • essential oils
  • bags for wearing yoga mats and clothes


Buying these items, you should know some details about what the person needs, specifically.

What You Should Know

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Firstly, try to find out whether the one who will receive the present actually needs anything from the list of items you can buy. Obviously, having two yoga mats is better than having only one, but it may turn out that your friend needed yoga blocks, and you bought a mat. It is very easy to ask what is actually needed for yoga, and these items are, what do they look like and where people buy those. If you feel that this is too obvious a way, then buy something like essential oil diffuser or headband. Make sure you know that the person has no allergies and will use the essential oils. If you buy clothes, make sure you definitely know the size, and so on.

Price and quality balance should be considered as well. There are numerous super-posh shops that offer costly clothes and items, but this is not an obligatory price for that sort of things. Better pay attention to the quality, and google what aspects are the most important. Say, the yoga mat should be durable and not slippery, while a stylish mandala picture on it is not that necessary. After all, yoga is minimalistic, so just try to make a good present!



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