7 Razor Benefits to Buying a Battery Operated Scooter

7 Razor Benefits to Buying a Battery Operated Scooter

There are 7.7 billion people in the world. That massive number comes with a lot of implications.

Crowded roads. Pollution. Fewer resources. Ballooning costs…

All of those factors in conjunction with one another can make owning and operating a car difficult even for those that enjoy a stable middle-class life.

If you’re finding yourself stressing over all of the implications vehicle ownership carries with it, we have a simple solution that could save you anxiety and money immediately… Purchasing a battery-operated scooter. -With the worsening city traffic and the increase of people working in cities, it is unsurprising that people will start to think of commuting alternatives to go faster, avoid the jam, and save on money. Scooter Adviser‘s Kennith Miller has reviewed hundreds of kick and electric scooters for years, and he can attest to the growing population of scooter riders.

While most adults don’t think of battery-operated scooters as a tool they can rely on outside of recreational settings, we’re here to tell you that for many, a battery-operated scooter can act as an all-in-one car replacement solution.

Below, we go over some of the key benefits scooter owners enjoy!

1. Massive Savings on Transportation Expenses

Have you looked at your monthly gas bill lately? If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably spending over a hundred dollars a month just to get to and from work.

Armed with a battery-operated scooter, you not only get to ditch gas costs but you also get to ditch the expenses that come with purchasing pricey cars, investing in insurance, and more.

Bottom line… Scooters are cheaper than cars in just about every way that you can think of.

2. There Are No Salience Requirements to Ride

Since electric scooters don’t move as fast as traditional motorbikes, states don’t require a formal license to take them out on the road. In many ways, they’re governed by the same rules that control bicycles.

That means that you can start leveraging your scooter for your daily commute the same day that you walk it out of the store. It also makes scooters an exceptional option for people that don’t have driver’s licenses.

We know a number of battery operated scooter owners that take advantage of scooter’s no-license benefit and allow their kids/early teens to go on grocery runs for them using their scooter.

You can read more about electric scooters for kids if you’d prefer to not share yours!

3. Maintenance is Simple

There’s not much to battery-operated scooters in the way of maintenance.

You’ll want to ensure that you keep your battery healthy, your tires are inflated to the suggested PPI, and that your scooter’s seat and handlebars are safely fastened and adjusted before each trip.

The most likely issue you’re liable to run into is the occasional battery replacement or tire patch. Based on our experience, even those bits of adversity occur infrequently.

Compare that to what traditional vehicle owners have to spend on maintenance.

On average, car owners dole out 1.5% of their vehicle’s value in maintenance expenses each year. For many, that means thousands of dollars!

4. Your Scooter Can go Anywhere That You Go

Scooters are extremely portable.

If you take yours to work, you can fold it up once you arrive at your office and walk it into your cube. If you take yours to school, it can easily sit in the back of your classroom.

Also, given that scooters are treated like bikes in most areas, you can enjoy riding yours down bike paths at a reasonable speed or down riverbeds so you can get to where you need to go without worrying about traffic. That flexibility opens up a world of possibilities whether you’re riding your scooter locally or you’re using it while traveling abroad.

5. Scooters are Environmentally Friendly

In the USA alone, there are roughly 253 million cars on the road. Many of those cars are over a decade old.

Quantifying the amount of pollution that all of those vehicles release into our earth’s ozone layer is sobering for anybody that cares about leaving a viable planet to their children.

Electric scooters release no emissions. They don’t rely on petroleum-based fuel. They don’t take up anywhere near as much space as cars do.

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By owning a scooter, you’re indirectly having a massive impact on reducing your environmental footprint and are giving our planet a fighting chance.

6. No More Worrying About Parking

We don’t know about you, but our team hates parking. It might be the worst part of vehicle ownership. This is especially true if you live in a big city.

Like we said in our fourth point, electric scooters go where you go. Rather than fighting for parking, you can fold them up and walk them inside wherever you’re going. You can also lock them up on a bike rack for safekeeping.

7. They Look and Feel Outstanding

The battery-operated scooters the world was using 15 years ago looked a little… Less than pristine.

The technology was relatively new and most scooters were being imported from countries that didn’t possess western society’s flair for design.

That’s not the case anymore.

Today’s battery-operated scooters come from a number of foreign and domestic manufacturers that have perfected their form and comfort through years of trial and error.

We have no doubt that you’ll be able to find a scooter that takes your breath away and feels like a dream to ride!

Wrapping Up Benefits to Buying a Battery Operated Scooter

We understand that replacing your car with a battery-operated scooter isn’t a viable choice for people that work far away from home. For those of you that are in relative proximity to your office though, battery-operated scooters can give you everything you need from a vehicle while simultaneously saving you money and helping the planet.

That’s a win-win that’s worth looking into!

Are you feeling inspired to pick up a scooter? Do you want to enjoy more inspirational and entertaining content?

If you do, check out more of our team’s posts on “What U Talking Bout Willis?” today!

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