Your Local Sam’s Club has Annie’s and Cascadian Farms to Take on Vacation #RealGoodFood

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We are coming into that time of year where we will be embarking on picnics, parties, as well as vacations. This year Annie’s and Cascadian Farms can join in just by going to your local Sam’s Club.

Our local Sam’s Club has two great company brands that we were able to easily locate at our most recent trip.  Annie’s and Cascadian Farms have a variety of tasty foods to choose from either online or in-store for your upcoming summer needs.

What I love about Sam’s Club is that you can either go into their store or order online.  Also if you order online, Sam’s Club will have your order waiting for you right by the door or shipped to you.  This makes shopping for quality food staples easier and you do not have to worry about spoilage since they do not need to be kept in a cooler.

sams club annies organic popcorn

Take for instance Annie’s.  They have popcorn in a family size bag, which would be great for any upcoming vacation trips.  You can use zip lock baggies or individual air tight containers to keep in your vehicle for portions that are just right for each family member.  Almost everyone enjoys popcorn for a snack and with Annie’s Organic White Cheddar popcorn you can feel good knowing that it is gluten-free and a whole grain food.

sams club annies bunnies


Annie also has Organic Cheddar Bunnies crackers, and they are so cute!  These will be another great snack to pack for our upcoming vacation travels.  There are 36 packages in one box which make more than enough snacks for the whole family and trip! I love that they do not have any artificial colors or flavors and that they are baked.  I am sure my grandkids will really enjoy these since they enjoy cheddar flavor snacks.

sams club organic cocoa bunnies

As a Grandma, I do think about snacks before meals, if you don’t tell, I won’t tell.  So I want to make sure I mention two great breakfast ideas.  First Annie’s has Cocoa Bunnies which will be great for my grandson who loves chocolate and loves to eat.  The great part is I will know he is getting a breakfast that tastes good and yet is made from oat, rice, and corn.  For my husband and myself, we will be enjoying Cascadian Farms Oats and Honey Granola.

sams club cascadian farms granola

When we go camping as a family we like to canoe and hike so it is important to have a good breakfast to start our day.  With  Cascadian Farm Organic Oats and Honey cereal, we will have no problem enjoying ourselves because our stomachs will be full. I will also be packing Cascadian Farm’s Chocolate Chip granola bars in case we get hungry toward the end of our adventure.

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sams club cascadian farms granola bars

I will also be packing Annie’s White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese because I have been blessed with two grandkids that love their pasta.  I feel good knowing that they will be able to have a wholesome meal whenever they ask for more cheesy pasta.

sams club annies mac n cheese

Shopping at Sam’s Club is so easy with their app that allows you to store your payment choices, and scan your own items as you put them in your cart.  Then it keeps your receipts on your app anytime that you need to reference them.  After shopping at Sam’s Club I really do not think I want to shop anywhere else.


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