Best Chardonnays for Common Meals

Best Chardonnays for Common Meals

Best Chardonnays for Common Meals

Many people adore having a glass of chardonnay with a meal. Many bottles are big, bold and incredibly oaky, and it has remained one of the country’s most popular wines over the years. If you have not yet gotten a taste for chardonnay yet, then it is possible you are simply pairing it with the wrong types of food. You should drink chardonnay because it is filled with flavonoids and antioxidants to help your health, but it also tastes great when served with certain dishes.

Best Foods for Fruitier Chardonnays

Plenty of fruity chardonnays come from South Africa, New Zealand, and France. This type of wine goes great with a slightly richer dish. It pairs magnificently with fish cakes and fish pie, especially when either of those consists of salmon. It also goes great with dishes served in a buttery sauce, such as pasta or chicken. If your dish comes with macadamia nuts, mango or peach, then you will want a fruity chardonnay to wash it down with.

Best Foods for Young, Unoaked Chardonnays

A good example of this type of wine is a Chablis. This is perfect for more delicate entrees, such as chicken, grilled fish and vegetable terrines. If you plan on having a paste with plenty of spring vegetables, then you will also want to serve it with an unoaked chardonnay. For people who like having a glass of wine with their sushi, they should also reach for this type of wine.

Best Foods for Mature Barrel Fermented Chardonnays

When you have a wine that is about three to eight years old, you want to pair it with roasted, seared or grilled shellfish. It goes great with scallops or lobsters. Additionally, if you serve a chicken-based dish alongside white truffles, slowly roasted tomatoes and wild mushrooms, then you will want this type of chardonnay on the table. This type of wine sometimes has a nuttier taste to it, which pairs well with finer dishes.

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Best Foods for Full Bodied Chardonnays

For some people, the best chardonnay around is anything labeled “reserve.” This is generally a wine that has been aged for between one and three years. You may decide you want to have eggs benedict for dinner, and you can pair this breakfast dish with a superb oak-aged wine. Other dishes that go great with this wine include grilled veal chops and steak béarnaise. During the summertime, if you have dinner served with pumpkin, butternut squash or corn, then you will want this type of chardonnay to go with it.

Although there are plenty of dishes chardonnay goes great with, there are plenty of others you will want to avoid pairing with a chardonnay, no matter how finely aged it is. You should avoid serving it with Chinese food or any dish that comes with smoked meat or fish. You also should not serve chardonnay with any light cheese, such as goat cheese. Chardonnay does not go too well with any Thai flavors, so avoid having it when you make curry. Finally, it is not recommended for any tomato-based dishes.

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