Best Private Schools in the World

Best private schools in the world

What do best private schools in the world have in common?

  • they have an excellent infrastructure for study, creativity, sports and a comfortable life: educational buildings, libraries, laboratories, studios, stadiums, residences;
  • they use the latest technical equipment and teaching materials, effective teaching methods;
  • they offer balanced educational programs;
  • they show excellent academic results;
  • they guarantee the safety and care of children;
  • they instill a love of knowledge and a desire for self-improvement;
  • they value the personality of each student, respect their ambitions and help to unleash their potential;
  • they help personal growth by paying attention to spiritual values ??and physical development;
  • they study the future world elite, children from prominent families

TOP of best schools in the world

  • The American School in Switzerland

TASIS, near Lugano, is the oldest American school in Europe. It provides interdisciplinary education with an emphasis on the arts, and travel abroad is an important part of the study.

One of the best school in the world – the American School in Switzerland was founded in 1956 by a Harvard graduate to prepare young men and women for admission to American universities, as well as to study European culture and languages. A little more than 700 students study here – children from the USA and Canada, Europe, Asian countries, representatives of Latin America and the Middle East.

Each class has no more than 13 students. Children travel a lot, getting acquainted with the cultural heritage of Europe, and are engaged in a variety of sports, and in January they go to a ski resort for a week. Approximately 30% of TASIS graduates go to universities in the USA and Great Britain, the rest – to universities in Europe, Japan, Australia and China.

  • Schloss Krumbach International School

A pronounced elitism, an international teaching staff, a high academic level and a balance between knowledge, physical activity, digital detoxification and the development of flexible skills are the foundations of the private school’s philosophy.

Best school in the world – Schloss Krumbach International School is located 90 km from Vienna, in one of the most picturesque regions of Austria. The school building is a restored 13th century castle that has gone from a fortress to a luxurious hotel in its history, and recently modernized and converted into a private boarding school. Schloss Krumbach International School combines history and the latest technology. Here, young students can focus on their studies in the cozy atmosphere of the castle, surrounded by breathtaking Alpine nature. Due to the proximity to Vienna, students are also involved in the cultural life of the Austrian capital: they regularly visit museums, theaters and galleries, the Vienna Opera, the Philharmonic. 

The total area of ??the castle is almost 5 hectares. The campus of the school houses 18 modern classrooms, concert and sports halls, scientific laboratories equipped with the latest technology, 2 libraries and a Capella.

  • ?ardiff Sixth Form College

Over the past 11 years, one of the best school in the world has consistently been on the first line of the ranking of the best independent schools in the UK and is considered one of the top in terms of academic performance. Graduates of Cardiff Sixth Form College successfully enter the best universities in the world, including the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, LSE, UCL and Imperial College London. The school is located in the capital of Wales. Cardiff is a small city with a developed infrastructure, combining historic buildings, modern architecture and regular sporting events.

Education at the school is carried out according to the British system: here you can enter the intensive one-year GCSE program (for children 15-16 years old) and the A-level graduation program.

In addition to the main program, college students, as part of the program, undergo specialized training courses in the chosen direction. For example, there is a separate course for applicants from Oxford and Cambridge, as well as special classes for students planning to enter the Faculty of Medicine.

The extracurricular activities program gives students the opportunity to express themselves in sports, music, visual and dramatic arts. They can also join various clubs, participate in scientific competitions and projects, volunteer programs both in the UK and abroad.

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The college has an extensive library and modern laboratories. Sports activities take place at the David Lloyd Sports Complex, which has swimming pools, gyms and tennis courts.

  • King’s College Madrid

The best school in the world has a mission to be on the frontier of quality British education around the world.

The school’s campus is located in a privileged green suburb of Madrid. The school grounds offer breathtaking views of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains. All students study according to the British program for international schools and take the iGCSE final exam. In high school, you can choose the British A-level program, or the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

The curriculum is aimed at the comprehensive development of the personality and the achievement of high academic results by students. The goal of the private school is not only to raise children fluent in English and Spanish, but also to educate creative and active young people who are open to everything new. King’s College Madrid caters to each student’s personal preferences and offers a wide range of academic pursuits and cultural activities.

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