Create an Inviting Ambiance

Create an Inviting Ambiance

You might be looking to add a little ambiance to your own home or you might be thinking of buying a gift that will surprise and delight someone special in your life.  Either way, you really can’t go past an oil diffuser. These exquisite luxuries bring beauty and pleasure to any home. One of the key elements to creating a truly inviting ambiance to any home is through scent.  This is such an important element, whether it is day or night time.

You might recall at some time in your life walking into a room and noticing long before you can say how many people, what type of furniture, decor, etc. are present – the scent in the room.  It creates an immediate impact. It sends a million messages instantly to your brain and these are processed so quickly that you know straight away whether you like the scent/s, whether they are floral, organic, and culturally familiar, of nature, foods, and animals – the list is endless.  So it is little wonder that one of the most popular ways in which we choose to make our homes inviting to ourselves, our family and friends are through scent.

In real estate terms, this is an old and well-known technique to make prospective buyers feel welcome and ‘at home’ on their first inspection.  Scents recommended for this purpose include freshly brewed coffee or home-baked bread; both of which need no further explanation of just how powerfully they affect our mood and disposition when we experience them.  Most of us find these aromas very inviting and welcoming.

Another brilliant way to create ambiance in your home is to include some aromatherapy to set the mood of your choice.  You might conjure a calm and relaxing mood, or something more fresh and inviting or soft and intimate. There are aromatherapy oils to suit all purposes.  It is so pleasing to walk into a room where essential oils gently permeate the air.  Our senses are immediately alert to the soft undertones of the oils, which emit an almost subliminal message that the owner of the home truly hopes we will experience a feeling of being comfortable and welcome in their home.  The very fact that we cannot see the fragrance means our perception is working at a deeper unconscious level. While we are able to talk, see, hear and touch everything in the room on a conscious level, more often, fragrance works at a more subconscious level.  It adds another layer to altogether settles upon our own mood for us to enjoy. You can experiment in your own home with some aromatherapy and see for yourself some of the exquisite gorgeous oil diffusers that are available.  These come in a vast array of colors, shapes, and sizes and to suit any decor, no matter your personal style.  Choose from bright fresh colors or warm, rustic wood finishes and even contemporary glass diffusers which are sure to impress.  And if you have trouble deciding on just one, don’t forget, there are all the other rooms in your home that you can make instantly beautiful with a little oil diffuser!

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